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a bunch of

this express is so useful because it describes a large number or a lot. Most ppl don't just have one problem ,they have a bunch, and most ppl don't have one friend, they have a bunch. One thing is for sure... you will hear this expression a bunch of times in movies and everyday American conversions.

For example:

We're a buch of crazy English learners.

You're a bunch of fools.

I have a bunch of friends.

They are a bunch of nuts.( 他们是一群疯子)

I gave her a bunch of flowers.

I have a bunch of problmes.

You're a bunch of assholes.

I invited a bunch of friends over for a party.

She has a whole bunch of problems she wants to discuss.

I can't go out. I 've got a bunch of studying to do.

She knows kids because she's got a whole bunch of herself.

I've got a bunch of papers to grade (我有一堆作文要修改)

Theres's a bunch of people to see you (有很多人来见你)

We had a whole bunch of food left over ofter the party.

Thanks a bunch.

Special comments:

Movies lines are not only a fun way to learn English , but also a good way to prepare for TOEFL. This expression apprears in countless movies and the TOFEL exam.

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A Great Shock 巨大的震惊

His death is a great shock to us.

Getting promoted was a great shock, i really didn't expect it.

Their divorce was a great shock to everyone.

Princess Diana's death was a great shock to the world.


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a happy ending 好聚好散,圆满的结局

I always like a happy ending.(我喜欢圆满的结局)

I don't think there will be a happy ending for those two. (我想他们俩不会有什么好的结局)

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A-list 最好的,最优秀的,最酷的


Every girl dreams of dating A-list guys.

He wants a job at an A-list compay.

Beijing University and Qinghua University are China's A-list schools.(北大&清华是中国一流的大学)


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a little bird told me 有人告诉我

I know but I will not tell u how ,or from whom , i know.



A: How did you know I was getting married?

B: A little bird told me.

A: A little bird told me that you were mad at me yesterday.

B: Well, I'm not that mad any more so don't worry abt it.


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a little too far 有点过分了

it's used to criticize other's overdone behavior.

this phrase is perfect for the person who likes to tease his friends. Sometimes teasing is funny, but sometimes it can be hurtful. Then you need to remind the person they have gone a little too far~~~~~~~~


You have gone a little too far this time.

I think my father has gone far a little too far. He even tried to choose my girlfriend~~~


George Bush has gone a little too far in his foreign policy.


A: Why did you beat him?
B: He pushed me a little too far. (他欺人太甚)

A: I feel so sorry , but i didn't mean it.
B: You never know when to stop,you always go a little too far.

( 你从来不知道什么时候该收手,做事总是过火)

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A lot of people change careers in midlife 很多人中途改行

A: John has gone back to school to get his graduate degre and become a teacher.
B: But he's 45, and a business.
A: A lot of people are changing careers in midlife because of the economy and just plain boredom.
B: Manybe it's good . It'll give him a challenge, and the students will benefit from his business experience.


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a lousy choice of words (口不择言,出言不逊)

He called you 娃哈哈? it was a lousy choice of words . ( 他叫你泼妇? 他真是口不择言啊!)

额外成就感: 五星级的形容词 Lousy
Lousy 糟糕的,无用的,蹩脚的,污秽的,令人作呕的,讨厌的,

American love the word "lousy". It is a great way to describe something that displease you in any way. the food at the restaurant was lousy and so was my date!!!

This food is lousy. Do I have to eat it?
His health has been lousy. (他的健康状况近来很糟糕)
He felt realy lousy thenext morning (第二天早上他感到身体及不舒服)
He tried to sell me his lousy car (他想把他那破车卖给我)
It's lousy of you not to have taken me last night. (你昨天晚上不带我去,真是讨厌)
He gave me a lousy "C" for this paper. (他给我的这份作业打了个倒霉的“C”)
My lousy friend just lost his lousy job again(我那蹩脚的朋友又一次失去了他那蹩脚的工作)
The movie was lousy. (这部电影真差劲儿)
I don't want to hear your lousy excuses. (我不想听你那些让人恶心的借口。)

After learning all these lousy expressions, you can call it a day. The sentences may have the word lousy.But your archievement won't be lousy, it will be great.


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A new broom sweeps clean. 新官上任三把火

A: The new manager is from Dalian.
B: Is he ? He seems to be a capable person. (是吗?他好像挺能干的。)
A: He is doing fine. I think some new policies will come out.
B: People always say "A new broom sweeps clean".

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(a) nuisance 讨厌鬼;讨厌的人

A: He is a nuisance.
B: Just try to ignore him. (别去理他。)

A: Don't be a nuisance , let's go.(走吧,咱别做讨厌鬼)
B: I'm not being a nuisance! I just can't find my keys!(我不是要做讨厌鬼,我只是找不到我的钥匙)

A:Why don't you have any children?
B: I think children are too much of a nuisance.(我觉得小孩子太让人费神了。)


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Here comes the top American Movie Lines!!!!!!!

a pain in the ass (or neck) 麻烦人物:头痛人物

This is such a common expression! If you don't know someone, it is very rude. But among friends it can be taken as a joke.

Learning English is a pain in the ass!
Quit being such a pain in the ass(别那么令人讨厌了!)

The traffic in Beijing is a pain in the ass!(北京的交通状况令人头痛)

A: Why did you hire a housekeeper?(你怎么雇了个保姆呀?)
B: I'm too busy to cook and housework is a pain in the ass.

A:He is a pain in the ass.
B: I know. He always has been, even as a little kid!

A: You're such a pain in the ass.
B: I don't know how you put up with me!

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a piece of cake 小菜一碟;太容易了

Speaking English is a piece of cake!

A: Can you help me with this math problem?
B: Sure, it's a piece of cake.

A: Was the TOEFL exam difficult?
B: No,it was a piece of cake.

A: What do you think of working on the computer?
B: A piece of cake.

A: Is your mother a good cook?
B: Sure, cooking is a piece of cake for her~

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A promise is a promise . 答应的事情不许反悔

A: I'm sorry i can't help you.
B: You said you would. A promise is a promise.(你说过你可以的,答应的事不许反悔)

A: You said you would you come.
B: Yes,a promise is a promise. (说话算数,决不反悔。)

A: I really don't feel like going swimming with you tonight.
B: Too bad. A promise is a promise. You have to go.

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above someones's head 超出某人的理解力

It means that what someone said is beyond the listeners' ablity

You shouldn't talk above the heads of our students.(你不应当讲的太深奥,令学生无法听懂)

She is so smart,everything she says is above my head.

I'm sorry,but your English is above my head.

His lecture was really above my head. I could not make out what he was talking about.
(他的讲座我一点也听不懂. 我根本就不知道他在说些什么)

When my father and brother start to talk about politics I just don't listen. All that sort of thing is well above my head.


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Absence makes the heart grow fonder. 久别情深

I still say this sentence is true for women more than it is for men. Most men believe they saying "Out of sight,out of mind(眼不见,心不烦). Maybe they just pretend to feel this way because they don't even want to admit how they miss someone~ But when you hear their voice on the phone it's easy to know the truth.

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder,but I wonder. I'm afraid if I'm away too long, He will forget all about me.

A: Don't worry about your boyfriend's being in America for a few months. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

B: That's bullshit! He's probably with another gril right now!
(胡说! 他现在可能跟另外一个女孩子在一起呢.)

A: I hate going on son many business trips. I really miss my wife.
B: Don't worry about it. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


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在口语中,这句话常用于回答对方,表示肯定的意思,相当于“yes”,但语气更强烈。即“就是那么回事” “真是这样的”

Absolutely is such a useful word for many reasons. It shows confidence, it can answer a question in one word, and like any stories and powerful word, it makes you instantly sound like a native speaker! In fact, the word absolutely has become overused in American. many people say it automatically without thinking. Everything they hear is answered by the same word "Absolutely".

A: you agree, I suppoose? (我想你同意吧?)
B: oh , absolutely! (噢,绝对没问题)

A: That's a wonderful movie.
B: Absolutely.

A: Could you call her and tell her everthing?
B: Absolutely!

A: She's really pretty,isn't she?
B: Absolutely!

A: Are you sure you can help me?
B: Absolutely.

A: Sanya is the most beautiful place in the world.
B: Absolutely.

A: I think George Bush is too stupid to be the president of such a powerful country.
B: Absolutely. I couldn't agree more.

Of course.
That's right.
No problem.

学了“Absolutely!"之后,我们就不用每次给别人肯定回答时候都”Yes“个不停了,完全可以充满自信地说出“Absolutely!”如果还想再充满自信、斩钉截铁地给别人来一个否定的回答的话,可以用上“Absolutely not!”

A strong denial of refusal.

A: Will you please slip this book into your pocket?(把这本书偷偷方进你地袋子里去好吗?)
B: Absolutely not!(绝对不行)

A: Can I have your car again tonight?
B: Absolutely not!

也可以用Definitely not! 来替换。

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Ace 精通;掌握

I'll teach you all the right moves to ace that interview and land that job you want.

Do you know how to ace your driver's test?

I know I can ace the TOFEL!

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Act your age ! 别耍孩子气;放稳重点

Behave more maturely! Behave in accordance with what is expected of someone's age.

当对方的举止行为不稳重,耍孩子脾气时,可以此提出批评,希望对方注意自己的举止。当父母训斥自己的孩子的时候,可以说“Act your age! (看看你多大啦!),常用命令式。当子孙看到老太太打扮的过分花梢或者象年轻人那样蹦蹦跳跳,打打闹闹的时候,就常用比较缓和的语气说"You should act your age."(你该考虑一下自己的年纪 )

Quit crying! Act your age.(别哭了,看看你多大啦)
If he had acted his age,he wouldn't have gotten hurt.
A: Come on! Let me see your book.
B: Be quiet and act your age,Don't be such a baby.

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Actually 实际上

1. Making things clear(澄清事实)
2. Correcting and clarifying something(纠正,弄清某事)

A: I know someone else who comes from Shanghai.(我还认识一个从上海来的)
B: Actually , i'm from Beijing.(哦,我可是从北京来的)

A: You seem to be on his side in this argument.(在这一点上,你好像站在他一边)
B: Actually, I believe he's only partly right. I don't agree with him 100 percent.

A: What did she say when you told her?
B: Actually, I didn't tell her. I didn't want to hurt her feelings.

A: Do you know Bill Cliton personally?
B: Actually, he was my classmate a long time ago.

A: How many years have you been teaching?
B: Acutally, I've only been a teacher for six monthes.

A: You don't believe that stupid story,do you ?
B: Actually,yes. (说实话,我相信)

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