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【参赛征文】The Red Umbrella

本帖最后由 dontknow 于 2010-7-25 14:21 编辑

The Red Umbrella

I stand there, watching the western wind blows over the endless sea, creating waves  that gently touch the lonely shore. I take a deep breath and fill my lungs with salty air.  As I sit on the coarse sands, my soul begins to dance with everything around me, with the sea’s soft murmur as a rhythmic background sound. The wind flirts with my hair and whispers in my ears, it seems to convince me to go up to the clouds. Yes, those white clouds like lambs, so innocent and comfy. I just couldn’t resist that temptation. When I close my eyes and lay on the clouds, I thought I was in heaven. Then, I got teased by the childish wind and fall back to the ground. It sure is relaxing to watch the sea reflects the sunshine, and makes them into blazing stars, like those at a clear summer night.

She and I met in one rainy summer day. I thought no one would be there since it was raining like cats and dogs outside. As I walked along the shore, I saw a red umbrella sitting a few feet ahead of me. It was like a fire burning in this mist of rain.  When I approached it, I saw a slender young woman, whose dark long hair was flying with the wind. Her skin was as pale as snow, her rosy lips closed tightly together, and her eyes were gazed upon the distant sea. Startling by her existence, I stopped and unsure what to do. As I was about to turned away, I heard a voice:

“He used to tell me the lovely mermaids like to swim in the sea during rainy days. If I could only seat there and wait long enough, I might have a chance to meet them, and make a wish to them and they will make it come true.”

She smiled as she said this. I swear to God, she had the most lyrical voice in the world, every word she said turned into music. I stood there speechless, for every movement of her captivated me. I sat there with her. Everything around us began to sound synchronized: the wind, the rain, the sea waves, our hearts and even our breaths were joining together, just like we were all in one.

Suddenly, she turned to me. Her brown eyes were full of wonders. I only noticed that she moved her lips and I couldn’t hear a thing she said.
“Are you alright?” she asked in a concern tone.
“Oh, I am so sorry. You were saying?” I blushed and felt my cheek was burning.
“Do you believe in mermaids?” she smiled with white beautiful teeth.
“Yes…” I watched her in dazed. I couldn’t even hear my own voiced
“I am sorry?”
“Yes! I do believe in them, but I have never had the luck to see one.”
“Well, today might well be your lucky day.”
“Why not?” she smiled like a child
somehow, I just couldn’t argue with a face like that.

“Do you believe in fate” she asked while spinning the umbrella around.
“I think so, you?”
“I used to……”
“Not now?” curiously, I asked.
She turned toward the sea without answering me, and then silence fell between us.

“Do you want a beer?” She took out a glass bottle with some kind of yellowish liquid in it.
“It is specially made by me, I only got one. We will have to share if you don’t mind.” She said proudly.
As she drank the beer, she made a bitter face as it wasn’t taste good, then she handed it to me.
I took a sip, it gave a burning sensation in the chest, and it left a mixed taste of sweet, spice, and bitter in my mouth. As I licked my lips, it had a light taste of lavender that’s from her. Somehow, I loved it.

“I lost myself in love. I thought love could conquer all, because we were the fated ones to each other. Love is supposed to be strong and powerful, yet it is so fragile comparing to life, which it dies so easily just like stepping on an ant. ”

I took another sip of beer and I nodded without a word. She took the bottle from me and continues;

“maybe he was right, after all ‘affection is desirable, but money is absolutely indispensible.’ But I just couldn’t admit this to myself……” Tears upwelling in her eyes, and trickled down on her cheeks.  She wiped them away quickly.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to put you on the spot to hear all these nonsense.”

My heart ached as she said this, I don’t know why, but later I guessed maybe we were in the same shoes. We didn’t say anything then, except exchange sips of beers together.

“If you look far enough, you will notice the sky and the sea are connected together, like they were meant for each other. It calms me down, because it is the place where I belong to.”
“yeah…” I said in whisper.

Suddenly, she stood up and walked a few steps away from me. She smile and gave me a bow as if she was saying thank you and farewell. I wanted to chase after her and I wanted to love her with all my heart. But deep down in my mind, something had forbidden me to get up. I watched her disappeared from my sight, into the misty rain. I picked up the red umbrella she left and sailed it into the sea. I held tight to the beer bottle, like my life was depending on it. I smiled softly as the western wind blew her lavender smell toward my nose.

After so many years, the sea still reminds me of her. Till now, I still believed I had the luck to see the mermaid on that day. She was like a mermaid who casted an ancient spell on me.

perfect!I am behind you.


so cool!但是这里的字是不是太多了。注意审题哦!


so cool!但是这里的字是不是太多了。注意审题哦!

zora 发表于 2010-8-3 15:03



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This is a wonderful story! It' s moving me deeply.


it is too long!


A lyrical story.


you are lucky dog coming across a mermaid and sharing a bottle of  beer with her.i'd rather believe it's true;but..........


Fantastic!I support you.


Although it's a sad stroy, i like it so much

I support you~~~~


support you .......It' s moving me !