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标题: 赖世雄初级美国英语80-148 [打印本页]

作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-11 20:35     标题: 赖世雄初级美国英语80-148

i will upload two lessons a day.
please listen to it and write down what you hear.

let's learn it together!

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作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-11 20:39     标题: lesson 80

lesson 80  i am good at cooking

failed to upload.i will have to try it later.

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作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-11 23:27     标题: lesson 81

lesson 81 a heavy price to pay

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作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-12 07:04     标题: today i got up early to upload 2 lessons :)

please write down whatever you hear here, ok?
it can improve your english~~and speak it loudly and correctly when you are writing.

lesson 82  smoking isn't allowed
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-12 07:08     标题: lesson 83

lesson 83 a nice person
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-12 07:47     标题: lesson 80 I am good at cooking

lesson 80 I am good at cooking     page360

m:  are you good at sewing?
f:    no. but i am good at cooking. what about you?
m:   i am not good at cooking . but i am fond of eating .

key points::
she is good at cooking.
she cooks very well.
she is a good / bad cook.
my mother is a good cook.

she is sewing a shirt.
she is sewing a pair of trousers./ a pair of pants.
she is good at sewing.

be fond of = enjoy
i am fond of eating . = i enjoy eating .

be versed in = be good at = be skilled in
he is versed in writing./ cooking.
he is good at writing./ cooking.
he is skilled in writing./ cooking.

my sister's cooking is terrible.
mother cooked some dumplings for lunch.(water dumplings 水饺)
what do you often have for breakfast / lunch / dinner?
i often have a bowl of noodles for breakfast.
what did you have for dinner last night?
i had some fish for dinner last night.

be good at:= be versed in = be skilled in
be bad at   = be poor at   = be terrible at
Frank is good at playing the piano, but he is terrible at playing basketball.
mother sewed the buttons onto one of my shirts.

bob is bad / poor / terrible at playing baseball. but he is good at / versed in / skilled in singing.
baseball basketball volleyball football
打球,直接play+球                         e.g. play baseball /basketball /volleyball /football
玩乐器,要加the.  play the 乐器    e.g. play the piano / the violin /the guitar/ the flute
john is thinking about changing his major.
he has been thinking of study abroad.
you should change the plan.
how much change do you have?
do you have any change?
keep the change.
what's your major?
my major is english. / music.
he majors in english.
insead of studying with his friends, he studies by himself.
he has a bike / house of his own.
he did it by himself.
rather than walk to work, Bill took a bus.
instead of walking  to work, Bill took a bus.
are you afraid of telling him the truth?
i am afraid to tell him the truth.
Charley is very good at playing basketball ,in fact he is the best player in our school.
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-12 08:22     标题: lesson 81 a heavy price to pay

Tom's father died of ling cancer.
he couldn't stop smoking.
he tried quitting several times.
however, whenever he saw someone smoking, he couldn't resist lighting up.
in the end, he gave up trying.
it's no using stopping one day and starting again the next.
he enjoyed smoking too much.
he certainly paid a heavy price,though.

a heavy price to pay:
if you keep on smoking, you will pay a heavy price.

die of = pass away:
he died of liver cancer.
he passes away two day ago.

if you smoke, your lungs are ditry.
his lungs are dirty because he smokes.
the table is dirty, it's not clean.
he is a good student.   
he couldn't do it.

stop to do sth.& stop doing sth.
when i saw him, i stopped to talk to him.停下来做某事
i stopped talking to him.停止做某事
i stopped to smoke.   c.f.  i stopped smoking.

try to do sth. & try doing sth.
when i get there, i 'll try to call you back. 设法做某事
if this way doesn't work ,you may try calling her.尝试做某事
he has been to beijing several times.
i have been to nanjing 3 times.
you should quit smoking.= you should stop smoking.

whenever..can't resist/help doing sth.
whenever i see him, i feel happy./ get angry.
i saw him singing/ dancing.
whenever i see him, i can't resist/help laughing.
whenever i hear the music, i can't resist/help singing.

give up doing sth.
don't give up.
he has given up smoking.=he has stopped smoking. =he has quit smoking.

reason 讲理
i can't reason with him.
it's no use reasoning with him.

enjoy doing sth.:
i enjoy working with you.
i like/ love working with you. /to work with you.

do you mind smoking somewhere else?
will you finish writing your term paper today?
did the man deny stealing the money?
it's no use crying over spilt milk.
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-12 09:05     标题: lesson 82 smoking isn't allowed

Betty is at the moives.
m:  would you mind putting out your cigarette?
f:   i'll just finish smoking this one,ok?
m: smoking isn't allowed in movie theaters.
f:  oh. i am sorry.

usher n.引座员v. 引座               usherette  女引座员
she serves as an usherette at that movie house.
she serves as an english teacher at that school.
i went to the movie house the other day, it was quite dark inside. luckly there was an usher at the entrance ,he ushered me to my seat.
luckly i have 10 $.

let's go to the moives tonight. = let's take in a moive tonight.
good idea. let's go!

would mind opening the window?
they put out the fire.
how many packs of cigarretes do you smoke a day?
i smoke a pack of cigarretes a day.
i don't like that yellow car, i like this blue one.
you may stay here and i can do something, ok?

finish :
i 'll finish the work by 5 .
i'll finish writing the letter by 5 .
i believe he will be back by 5.
i am finished, so i can leave now.
i am finished with my work. = i have finished my work.

there's a movie house / department store / supermarket in my neighborhood.
good ! let's take in a movie!
he /father allows me to do it.
he doesn't allow me to smoke.

oh ,i am sorry.
that's ok.

i finished working at about 7pm.
he finished writing the letter.
i was finished with my work at about 7pm.
i have a lot of work to do.=i have  lots of work to do.
his works are on display at the museum.
he began to study english 3 years ago./ he began studying english 3 years ago.
can i park here?= can i park my car here?
we don't allow parking here.we don't allow you to park here.
we don't allow smoking here.we don't allow you to smoke here.
there's a park there.there're parks there.
i often practice speaking english with my teacher.
father doesn't allow us children to smoke.

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作者: ilsa    时间: 2006-8-12 10:49

very good.I like it very much.thank you ella. go ahead!
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-12 10:49     标题: lesson 83 a nice person

Shelly doesn't like people who are unreliable.
she especially doesn't like people who tell lies.
on the other hand, she likes people who are humorous and honest.
she really likes people that are easy-going and sincere.
however, regardless of whom  she likes or dislikes, she is nice to everyone.

this man is nice. i like to be with him.

reliable &  unreliable
you are reliable, but he is unreliable.
Shelly doesn't like people who are unreliable.=Shelly doesn't like unreliable people .

i love music and i especially love jazz.

on the other hand, she likes people who are humorous and honest.=on the other hand, she likes humorous and honest people.
this man is humorous / honest.
this man is honest, he never tells lies.

she really likes people that are easy-going and sincere.=she really likes people who are easy-going and sincere.=she really likes easy-going and sincere people .

regardless of +名词或名词从句。 不管...
Shelly likes people that are patient and kind.
a good teacher should be patient with his students.
Shelly has a brother whom i like very much.
Shelly whose father is my boss is very rich.
Paul doesn't like animals which are very ferocious.
Temmy attends the university which i graduated from.

John is my good friend, who never lies.
John is my good friend, whom i trust.
he is John whose father is my teacher.
he is John whose son i used to teach .
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ilsa~~you are always welcome!

and the lessons for tomorrow


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lesson 85
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-13 08:12

lesson 86
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-13 08:13

lesson 87
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-13 11:12     标题: lesson 84 what's she like?

f:  hi  Larry. would you like to meet my roommate Sally?
m: sure. what's she like?
f:  she's just your type.
m: what do you mean?
f:  she's just like you, a bookworm.

what's :
what's the weather like today?
it's fine today.
what's Marry / Peter ilke?
she is beautiful. / he is handsome.

would you like to ...?
would you like to go to the movies with me tonight?
would you like to go dancing with me tongiht?

what do you mean?
what do you mean by laughting at me ?

she is the woman whom i like.
she is the woman who teaches me.
she is the woman whose sister is my teacher.
that is the zoo which/ that i went to last weekend.

i really like this watch whose price is very reasonable.
i am sorry, the price is too high.
the watch is expensive.

this is the suit that/ which i'm going to wear.
this is Gorge who is my good friend.
she's a famous movie star whom everyone likes.
i would like  to go to the movies with them ,but i don't have time.
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-13 12:39     标题: lesson85 blood types

some people believe that one's personality is related to one's blood type.
there're three main blood types--A, B, and O.
type A people are introverts.
whereas type O people are extroverts.
type B people are an mixture of both A and O.
they are more relaxed ,and don't get bothered easily.
when it comes to choosing a spouse, remember some of the facts.

he is the boy that he used to teach.
i think that he is a good boy.

he has a pleasant personality.
i like to be with John, because he has a pleasant personality.
what's John like?
he has a pleasant personality, i like to be with him.

be related to :
John is closely related to me ,in fact he is my cosin.

there be..
there is a cat by the window.
there are two books on the desk.

blood type:
what's your blood type?
i am (an ) A.

introvert and extrovert:
John is an introvert.
i am an extrovert.
and Peter is in between.

he is nice ,whereas his brother is bad.

type B people are an mixture of both A and O.
=type B people are in between.
he and i love music.
both he and i love music.(强调)

relax: v. relaxed adj.
i am comfused about the question.
i am tired after all the work.
the work is tiring.
the question is comfusing.
the music is relaxing.
i am relaxed.
whenever i hear the music ,i am relaxed.

whenever he talks to me ,i get bothered.
whenever you talk to me ,i get annoyed.
don't bother me!
he bothered me with many questions.

when it comes to...:
when it comes to music, John is in the know.(内行)
when it comes to singing, John is the best./ the second to none.
my wife is my spouse.

i don't know how he is going to  handle the problem.
whether one's personality is related to one's blood type has  not been proved.

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作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-13 19:33     标题: lesson 86 what's your blood type?

f:  what's your blood type, Luke?
m: it's A. i think. why do you ask?
f:   well. mine is B.
m:  so?
f:  they say  people with  A blood type get along very well with those with B blood type .
m: really?

what's your blood type?
---it's A.
---mine is  A.
---my blood type is A.

i think:
i think that he is a good student.
he is a good student, i think.

= so what?

they say:据说
they say that women are more patient than men.
a good teacher should be patient with his student.
father is patient with us.
it is said that women are more patient than men.

get along well with:
i get along well with them.
he is easy to get along with.= to get along with him is easy.
he is hard to get along with.
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作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-13 23:58     标题: lesson 89

作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-14 00:21     标题: lesson 86


1.   no one cares when we will arrive.
1) he is nice.----i think that he is nice.
2)is he nice?
   yes, he is. / no, he isn't.
   i don't know whether he is nice.
3)he can do it.
   can he do it?
   i don't know whether he cn do it.
4)when will he come?
  what will  he do?
  i don't know when he will come.
  i don't know what he will do.

2.  Bill knows who our teacher  is.
    who is our teacher?
    i know who he is.

3. that the youngest girl is the smartest in the class is amazing.
   i think that he is nice.
   that he is nice is ture.
   it's ture that he is nice.
  it's amazing  that the youngest girl is the smartest in the class.

4. Fred is the only one that belives what Nancy said.

5. we can only guess whether he will come.
    i don't know whether he is nice.

6. i  can't get along with him ;he has a terrible temper.
    he hit me yesterday, and i will get even with him today.
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-14 18:13     标题: lesson 87 society is changing rapidly

society is changing rapidly.
as a result, more and more people are suffering from stress.
those who are stressed out are often nervous , angry or ill.
people must, therefore, learn to deal with this new kind of problem.
regular exercise is one way .
the best way, however, is to keep a good sense of humor.

when we step into society, we should learn to be a good citizen.

he is writing a letter.
what are you doing ?
i am watching TV.
what is he doing?
he is writing a letter.

suffer from:
many chinese people are suffering from hepatitis(肝病).

stress = pressure: under stress/ pressure
i don't like to work under pressure/ stress.

as a result:
he didn't study. as a result, he flunked / failed the exam.

more and more:
he is making more and more money.
more and more people like / love music.
she is getting more and more beautiful.
she is more beautiful than Marry.
his english is getting better and better.
his english is better than mine.

those who are stressed out are often nervous , angry or ill.
=those who are under stress are often nervous , angry or ill.
whenever i talk to foreigners i feel nervous.
don't be nervous ,take it easy.
he is angry with me.

he is nice. therefore, i like him.
= he is nice. i , therefore ,like him.
=he is nice; therefore ,i like him./ i ,therefore ,like him.

he is nice .however, i like him.
he is nice .i ,however, like him.
he is nice; however, i like him. / i ,however, like him.

deal with / cope with:
the problem is hard to deal with.
don't worry, the problem is easy to deal / cope with.

sense of humor:
he has a  sense of humor.
he has a good sense of humor.

1.more and more people are moving to the city.
this tree is getting taller and taller every day.
Sandy's grades are getting better and better.

2.Joe is too fat, he should ,therefore, go on a diet.
my wife and i argue a lot,i however,stilli love her.
it's supposed to rain today. however, it is sunny now.
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-14 18:55     标题: lesson 88 you need a vacation

f:   What's the matter, Luke? You look stressed out.
m:  I'm under a lot of pressure at work.
f:    You need a long vacation.
m:  I know, but I really don't have the time

you need to do it.
i need your help.
you need to learn English.

vacation:   on vacation
where's Peter? i haven't seen him for ages.
well, he is on vacation somewhere.
he is vacationing.
he is on vacation in Thailand.
he is vacationing in Thailand.

stressd out= under tress
he is stressed out. = he is under stress.

what's the matter ?
he is crying, what's the matter with him? / what's wrong with him?
there's nothing wrong (the matter) with him.
why is he crying ?there must be something wrong (the matter) with him.
don't worry. there's nothing wrong (the matter) with him.

at work:
where's Peter?
he is at work.
he is at rest now.
let's take a rest.
i feel tired, i should take a rest.

what time is it by your watch? / what time do you have?
it's 8 by my watch.
my watch says 8.
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-14 21:48

1. Babe is getting better and better.
  his english is getting worse and worse.
  his english is getting better and better.
  he is getting worse and worse.
  Babe is getting taller and taller.

2. Rage is getting more and more intelligent everyday.
   he is more intelligent than David.
   he has become a good student./ boy.
   he has become very good.
   you should do the work carefully. /with care.
    he is becoming quicker and quicker.
    he does work more quickly than i.

3.Gorger studies very hard, he , therefore, has good grades.
   Gorger studies very hard, as a result , he has good grades.
   he studies hard , so his academic performance is good.
   he studies hard , so he does well in his studies.

4.i like to read books. i don't , however, like love stories.
   i like to read books. i , however, don't  like love stories.
   i like to read books.  however , i don't like love stories.

5. those who are hard worker are also successful.

6. Kanny is crying again, what's wrong with her this time?
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-15 09:28     标题: lesson 90

作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-15 09:45     标题: lesson 91

作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-15 09:49     标题: lesson 92

作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-15 09:54     标题: lesson 93

作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-15 14:46     标题: lesson 89 Australia

Australia is a unique country.
it's the world's largest island , but it's also the world's smallest continent.
in fact Australia is the only country that is also a continent.
it's about the size of the United States,but it  has a population of only 16.5 million.
if it sounds like an interesting place to visit, that's because it is.

failure is the mother of success.
Australia failure value   w    (注意发音)

her way of dealing wit this problem is unique.

he is the only one that knows the answer.
he is the only one/ person that i respect.

it is the size of ...:= as large as:
his head is (about) the size of a watermelon.= his head is as large as a watermelon.
this table is the size of that one.
it's about the size of the United States.=it's as large as the United States.

the city has a population of 2 million.
how large is the population of the city?
what's the population of the city?

sound smell taste look feel 感官动词
it smells good.
it tastes bitter.
it feels silky.
it sounds great.
she looks beautiful.
it looks like a rat.
it sounds like a good idea.

1. Paul is the only boy in our class that is from nanjing.
    Chinese food is the only kind of food that Marry likes.

2. if they look like intelligent children, that's because they are.
    that balleter looks graceful when she dances.
    that piece of cloth feels  like silk.
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-15 21:12     标题: lesson 90 a good place to visit

f:  where is a good place to visit,  Richie ?
m: Puket
f:  Pu..what?
m:  Puket, in Thailand, it is a beautiful resort island with fatastic beaches
f:  wow, sounds great!

have fun doing sth.
i hope that you have fun learning english.
i have fun (in) chatting with him.
i always have fun learning english.

a good place to visit:
that's a good place to visit.
there's a park in my neighborhood.the park is a good place to visit.
in the city where i live, there're many good places to visit.

i will visit my uncle this weekend.
i will visit my hometown this weekend.
let's go down town.
go to ... for a visit
i will go to that park for a visit this afternoon.

that's a summer resort.
that's a winter resort.

let's go to the movies tonight.
wow~sounds great! / sounds like a good idea.

comb the beach:
don't forget to comb your hair.
i had fun combing the beach with Marry last weekend.
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-16 08:57     标题: lesson 94

作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-16 08:58     标题: lesson 95

作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-16 08:59     标题: lesson 96

作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-16 09:00     标题: lesson 97

作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-16 17:12     标题: lesson 90 ---exercise

1. Billy thinks french food tastes delicious/ good / tasty/ inviting.
    what do you think of the food here?
    it's good /delicious / tasty/ inviting.
    he'll invite me to dinner.

    感官动词 taste  smell  look sound   feel
   i feel happy.
   it sounds good.
   he looks quite handsome.
   it smells bad.
   it tastes good. / delicious.

2.  if they look like brothers, that's because they are!
   he looks like Peter.
   he looks very much like Peter .

3. the last job that he had was very boring.
  he is the best student that i have ever taught.
   (the only... the third.....the last......the first.....)  "that"

4. your dress looks beautiful.

5. rich Rikky's house is about the size of a castle.
    this car is the same as that one.
6. ---let's go to the beach today.
    ---sounds great! i love swimming.
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-16 18:10     标题: lesson 91 computers p51

computers are becoming a part of our everyday life.
in fact, they are almost every where.
in many countries,  more and more  companies are replacing people with computers.
telephone companies are no exception.
when making a long distant call on a pay phone  in America ,you will no longer talk to an operator.instead, a computer will will tell you what to do.
on wonder, people say that computers are taking over the world.

a part of:
jogging has become a park of my everyday life.
i jog every morning.

everyday & every day:
that's my everyday life.
he goes to school every day.

in fact = as a matter of fact:
he is not nice, in fact he is very bad.
he is not nice, as a matter of fact he is very bad.

replace.A..with ..B.
John is lazy, he is not competent for his job.
the boss is planning to replace him with David.

competent 有能力的,能胜任的
he is (not) competent for the job.
cut out for the job (被动) 胜任的,合适的
i like John, John works very hard, he is cut out for his job.he is competent for his job.
John is competent for the job.
John is cut out for the job.

everybody should do it! Peter is no exception.
everybody should go out, you are no exception.
you are an exception.

when,----- while if once though
when i am free ,i will help you.
when (being) free,i'll help you.
while i was writing a letter, i was singing.
while writing a letter, i was singing.
though i am tired, i will help you.
though tired, i will help you.

no longer:
he is no longer here.

he is not nice, instead ,he is bad.

no wonder:
he studies hard, on wonder his teacher likes him.
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-16 18:18     标题: exercise

1.  though poor, they were happy.
    unless sick, he will always comes to work.
    while in school, you must study hard.

2. look, there's Bob on TV.
    my mother likes to listen to the news on the radio .
    call me on my beeper tomorrow.
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-16 20:21     标题: lesson 92 hold on please

f:  this is the mr. Ken Wang  there, please?
m: yes. this is he.
f:  i have a collect call from England.
m: who is calling?
f: it's a mr. John Smith. do you accept charges?
m: sure.
f: hold on ,please.

( 电话用语)
i am Peter Lai,nice to meet you.
this is Peter Lai, i'd like to talk to John Smith.( 电话用语)
this is Peter Lai,is John Smith/ Marry there, please?( 电话用语)
yes. this is he./ yes. this is he speaking. ( 电话用语)
hello! this is this is Peter Lai,is  Marry there, please?( 电话用语)
yes, this is she.( 电话用语)
hello! this is this is Peter Lai,is  John Smith there, please?( 电话用语)
yes, this is he.( 电话用语)

collect call 由对方付费的电话
i collect stamps.
operator, i'd like to make a collect call to China, please.
you can call me collect.你可以打电话给我,由我来付钱=you can make a collect call to me.

it's a mr. John Smith: 表示不确定的
mr. John Smith is coming this afternoon.(确定)

what's the charge?
free of charge:
there's a park in my neighborhood.
you may park your car here.
don't park your car in the park.
the parking here is free of charge.
the parking here is free.

this is Peter Lai,is John Smith/ Marry there, please?( 电话用语)
hold on, please. (电话用语)

1. we love to listen to the football game on the radio.
i talked to her on the phone for two hours.
i heard you on the radio last night.
i saw you on TV.

2.when unhappy, she cried.

3.i want to buy a TV, however,  the TV (which) i want is very expensive.
i have a book. the book is good.
i have a car.  the car is old.

4.if tired, you should take a rest.
i feel tired, i need to take a rest.

5. while working, he whistles.

6. Bill gave Fred a collect call .
    this sentence means Fred will pay for the call.
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作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-17 12:05     标题: lesson 93 pride comes before a fall

the teachings of Confucious(孔夫子) tell us to be humble (谦虚的) .
people should not think too highly of themselves.
on matter how great one is,there's always someone greater.
therefore, we should alway be humble in our words and actions.
we should always remember the saying: pride comes before a fall.

i believe in the teachings of confucious.
believe (相信) & believe in (信仰)

he told that he was poor.
father told me to study hard.
father told me to finish the work by five.

modest = humble
he is modest. = he is not arrogant.
arrogant 傲慢的
the man is arrogant, that's why he has few friends.
he is arrogant ,no wonder he has few friends.

think highly of:
we think highly of him, because he is nice.
we think highly of him, because he is a man of his word.(言而有信)
we look down upon him, because he tells lies.

no matter how...= however
it's very hot today.
he studies very hard.
no matter how beautiful she is, i don't like her.
no matter how hard you try ,you will not success.
on matter how great one is,there's always someone greater.= however great one is,there's always someone greater.
he is nice, however, i don't like him.

i take pride in his performance.
i am proud of his performance.

substitution: matter how/ however clever you think you are, there's always some one more clever./cleverer.
    no matter how / however hard you try to beat me, you will lose.

2. as a result, we should always be polite to our teachers.
    for that reason, we ought to be thoughtful and kind to others.
   so we ought to respect our parents.
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today i reviewed the lessons.
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-18 18:15     标题: lesson 94 congratulations

m: congratuations on your promotion, sheila.
f:  thanks. but it's nothing.
m: don't be so humble.
f:  well, in fact, i am a bit proud of myself.

please give my best regards to your father.
please remember me to your father.

-i passed my exam.
-congratulations on passing the exam.
congratulations ON beating John on the contest.

he was promoted head of the department(系主任).
he was promoted class leader(班长).
he was promoted manager.

it's nothing:
i've heard you won the championship.
thanks, but it's nothing.

a bit:
it's a bit cold today.
it's a little bit cold today.
it's a little cold today.

1. no matter how difficult  the test is , Nancy always does well.
    test(测验,小考)   exam(大考)    quiz(小考,抽考)
    i will take 2 tests tomorrow.
    i will take the exam the day after tomorrow.
    i have too many quizs to take.
    he did well on the examanation.  
    he did well in the speech contest.

2. whatever (no matter what) he does, he always does a good jobl.
    no matter how nice he is, i don't like him.
    whatever happens, i will support you.
    whenever i see him, i feel happy.

3. however fast he swims, i can swim faster.

4. whenever i ride my bicycle, i feel happy.

5. you play the piano very well, therefore, i think you should study music in university.

6. congratulations on winning the game.
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-18 21:06     标题: lesson 95 a balanced diet

some people eat to live, but there are others who  live to eat.
to live a long and heathy life, we must learn to have  a balanced diet.
a balanced diet simply means a bit of everything.
a diet which includes meat, fish, vegetables and fruit is ,of course, ideal.
if you watch your diet, then you won't have to suffer the pain of going on a diet.

you are overweight, you should go on a diet.(overweighted c.f.overweight ?)

i study english to communicate with people.
i came here to see you.(to不定式短语做副词,修饰前面的动词,表示目的)
i want to see him (在意愿动词后的to不定式短语做宾语,是名词短语).

simply = just

it's a little bit cold / hot today.

meat, fish, fruit 不可数n. 各种水果fruits

he is a teacher, all his brothers are, however, soldiers.

If you watch your diet=If you pay attention to your diet

1. some people eat to live.
   i eat a lot of fruit in order to stay heathy.
   to improve english, Kate studies  everyday.
   in order to become a professional photographer,Billy is studying the photography.

2. we must learn to have a balanced diet.
   Belly should learn how to eat a balanced diet.
   i ought to learn how to talk politely to others .
   you might want to learn how to knit something.
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作者: 大眼睛驴    时间: 2006-8-18 22:04

作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-19 09:22     标题: lesson 96 you're looking great!

m: wow~~candy , you're looking great!
f:  really?
m: you look so slim. how did you do it?
f:  i went on a balanced diet.

feel /sound / look /taste /smell

slim = thin
the girl is slim, she is not overweight.
she is as thin as a rail(栏杆,铁轨)
you are overweight, you should go on a diet.
i have lost l lot of weight.
i have gained a lot of / some weight.

to master english,you must speak it every day.

1. Paul must learn how to speak english for his job.
   where to go?/    how to do it?/    what to do?
    i don't know what to do. / how  to do . / where to go. 名词短语
    you should learn (how) to speak english every day.

2. my brother lives in the city, but i live in the country.
    he lived a happy life.
    he led a happy life.(lead led led)
    they led a poor life.

3.  i listen very carefully to the teacher in order to be a good student.
    i came in order to see you. = i came so as to see you = i came to see you.
    so as to = in order to
4.  on time
    he is on time.he is not on time. he was not on time yesterday.
    in order to be on time to work ,i left my house at 6am.

5. when he was 16, he learn how to fix a car.

6. Sue went on a diet last month,and now she looks great.
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-19 10:17     标题: lesson 97 by taxi

one of the most convenient ways to get around a city is by taxi.however, it is also the most expensive way.
in some cases, tipping is expected, too.
on the other hand, a taxi driver knows the city like the back of his hand.
he can  quickly take you to any place you want to visit.
the taxi ride might be expensive, but it's time-saving.

by taxi:
i went to the park by taxi./ by bus./ by train./ on foot.
i went to Sichuan by plane. = i flew to Sichuan. (fly flew)

one of the .....p.n.
one of the studends there is my brother.
one of my students is called Peter.
one of my friends enjoys / loves music very much.

get around:
i need a car to get around the city.

you can take a taxi / bus to the park.

in some cases = in some situations
tip 给小费v. n.
i tipped him 2 $ .
don't forget to tip him.
he gave me a tip of 2$.
he tipped me 2$.

know sb./ sth. like the back of my hand.
i know him like the back of my hand.
i know him from A to Z.
i know the city  like the back of my hand.=i know the city very well.

on the other hand:
he doesn't speak english very well, on the other hand, he is good at japanese.
the girl can't sing, on the other hand, she dances very well.

take me to the station, please.
he is the man who i respect most.

may / might.
it may rain today.
it might rain today.

1. some of the world's best poems are from China.
    many of these students will go abroad to study.
    two of those computers are still broken.

2. he may be the man that the police are looking for.
    that's may be the best way to do it, so let's try it.
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m: where to , lady?
f:  the train station, and make it fast.
m: what's the hurry?
f:  i must catch the first train to Shanghai.

the train station, and make it fast.
= the train station, and step on it.

what's the hurry?
= why are you in such a hurry?

--where to ,lady?
--the park. and make it fast.
--what's the hurry? / why are you in such a hurry?
--i must meet my friend there.

hail a taxi for me.

1.our family enjoys travelling by train.
he is planning on travelling around the world.
he is planning to travel around the world.
i enjoy travelling by plane. / taxi.
i met/ ran into an old friend of mine on the train.
i met him on the bus/ i saw him on the train.
i felt comfortable in a car / in a taxi.

2. some of us are going camping this weekend.
   let's go dancing. / hunting ./ fishing.
   some of them are going dancing / fishing this weekend./the day after tomorrow.
   some of you are going fishing / hunting tomorrow.
   i saw him the day before yesterday.
   i am going fishing the day after tomorrow.
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er~yes~i have.
you can find it in "赖世雄初级美语mp3"
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作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-19 12:36     标题: lesson 100

作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-19 14:53     标题: lesson 98 exercise

3. Jill rides the bus to work every day.
    Jill takes the bus to work every day.
    Jill takes a taxi to work every day.
     let's go for a ride this afternoon.(兜风)
     let's go for a walk in the park.
     can i have a ride? (搭车)
     no problem. hop in.

4. according to lesson 98, which is true?
    it's convenient to travel by taxi.
    a taxi ride is not expensive.
    travelling by taxi is very slow.
    all taxis are pink.
    he is in the pink.= he is healthy.

5. according to lesson 97, which is not true?
     tipping is not expected.
     a taxi driver knows the city well./ like the back of his hand
     travelling by taxi is very convenient.
     taxis are expensive.

6. i will talk to you later. i will have to catch a bus in 10 minutes.

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作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-20 11:08     标题: lesson99 asking for directions

being in an unfamiliar city can be frightening, and finding an adress can be like looking for a needle in a haystack(字:大干草堆)(词:大海捞针).
don't get angry.just ask someone for directions.
however, city people usually give directions very quickly.
you may find it difficult to follow what they're saying.
therefore, you'd better draw the route on your map as you're listening to the directions.

ask for:
can i ask him for help?

collecting stamps is my hobby.
to learn / master english is my purpose.

can :
can he come this afternoon?

~ed c.f. ~ing:
he asked me a comfusing question.(i was comfused.)
i was frightened when i saw my father.

he is like my brother.
i like it.

get angry = be angry
Don't get angry.=Don't be angry.=Don't become angry.
Peter is getting angry with Marry.
i was angry at the report.

i am lost. i don't know where the station is. don't worry. just ask someone for directions.

usually :
i usually get up at 7am.
usually  i get up at 7 in the morning.
when do you usually get up?
when do you usually go to bed?

follow:= understand
i am sorry, but i can't follow you.
do you follow me?=do you understand me?
follow me! 跟我走

find /think
i find/ think him interesting.
i find him a nice man.
i find it interesting to learn english.


1. travelling long distance by train can be  tiring.
    studying hard is rewarding.
    climbing mountain is very exciting.

2. Marry finds her job a challenge.
    i thought the job very easy.
    i think it rude to interrupt.
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-20 19:39     标题: lesson100 turn right

---how much money do you have?
---i have 2 hundred dollars.

by now we should be able to speak english to some extend.
if you still think you are hardly able to speak english ,now it's the time you should start all over again.
what i mean is that you should read all the lessons that we've taught you.
reread these lessons now and then, talk to youself,use all the words or idioms you can find in the text books.

lesson 100 turn right
f:  excuse me!could you tell me the way to the post office,please?
m: sure! just walk down the street untill you get to the police station.then turn right and keep going for about two blocks. the post office is just across from the bank.
f:  thanks a lot.

excuse me c.f. i am sorry
i am sorry.but i have broken your glass.
excuse me!could you show / tell me the way to the station,please?

stay here untill i come back.
you can't leave ubtill i come back.

go to : & get to
i will go to the station to see my friend off.
by the time i got to the station, he was gone.

block =intersection(十字路口)
keep learning english / singing/ dancing / untill i come back.
across (the street) from the bank

our shcool is just across from the post office.
the bank is just across from our school.

1.can i have some cooked fish, please?
2.i find it fun to watch foreign movies.
3.travelling can be very interesting.
4.i found an interesting book yesterday.
5.i found it rewarding ....
6.turn right when you arrive First Street.
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作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-21 09:32     标题: lesson 102

作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-21 09:34     标题: lesson 103

作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-21 09:36     标题: lesson 104

作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-22 19:15     标题: lesson 101 who discovered America?

did the Italian explorer C.Columbus really discover America?
it's believed that travelers from China  got there first.
they crossed the Pacific to Mexico in the fifth century.
in fact, Columbus landed in the Bahamas in 1492, and never got to North America.
America was not even named after C.Columbus ,it was named after the America Ves. who landed in America in the late fifteenth century.

North America    South America    Central Amerinca

he came here at 7.
did he come here at 7?
did he study hard?
did you have money?
did you know him?

he studies's true.= it's true that he studies hard.
he got to the station at 5.
it is said that he speaks english well.=he is said to speak english well.
it is said that he is a good student=he is said to be a good student.
it is said that he spoke english well.=he is said to have spoken english well.
it's believed that travelers from China  got there first.=travelers from China are believed to have got there first.

in the Bahamas 巴哈马群岛
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-22 19:19     标题: substitution from China are believed to have got there first.
  Michael Jackson is said to love Assia.

2.Washington d.c. was named after Washington.
    in American, the first son is often named after father.
    were you named after anyone?
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-23 09:21     标题: lesson 105

作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-23 09:22     标题: lesson 106

作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-23 16:48     标题: lesson 102 the same first name

f:  how come you have the same first name as your father?
m :i was named after him.
f:  what about your sister?
m: she was named after my grandmother.

why is he crying?(倒装) = how come he is crying?(不倒装)
why did he leave?          = how come he left?
why will he do it?            = how come he will do it?
how come you have the same first name as your father?=why do you have the same first name as your father?

i have the same bicycle as yours.= i have the same bicycle as you do.= i have the same bicycle as you.

name after:
last name:  姓       family name: 姓      surname: 姓       first name: 名        given name: 名

what about....?
every one will go to the movies, what about / how about me?
---marry, let's go to the moves tonight.   ----what about my brother?   ---i don't want him to spoil the atmosphere.   
what about going to the movies tonight?
what about going dancing tonight?

1.Bob has the same name as his grandfather.----he was named after his grandfather.
2.he is said to be from the south.-------------------it is said that he is from the south. is said that Paris is a beautiful city.-------------Paris is said to be a beautiful city. come you are always late ?
5.Charly drives the same car as yours.

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作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-23 17:37     标题: lesson 103 air polution

much of the land has been polluted.
the air is polluted; the water is polluted.

lesson 103 air pollution
Why do people get headaches in a crowded stuffy room?
Because they are breathing bad air.
People who breathe bad air for a long time can get really sick.
They may even get lung cancer and die.
People need fresh air.
Fresh air cleans the blood.
For our health's sake, we should all, therefore, do our part to fight against air pollution.

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作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-23 17:49

get headache: = have headache
i had a headache yesterday.

crowed (with):
the station is crowed on holidays.
where's John?   -----well, he is on holiday./on vacation.
the station is crowed with passengers.
the classroom is crowed with students.

it's stuffy in the classroom.

i love to live in the country, because i can breathe fresh air there.

you'll get sick if you don't take my advice.
you shouldn't go out when it's raining. if you go out, you 'll get sick.
get +n.
i got the answer.
i got the letter.
get + adj.---------well / ill  / sick  / angry / mad
he got well after taking this medicine.
he got ill, he got sick.
he got angry. he got mad.

for a long time
he has been living here for a long time.
he has been studying english for a long time.

lung  n. everyone has two lungs.
        adj. he got lung cancer.

die ----> die of         he died of lung cancer.
               dying         the patient is dying.
                                 i'm dying to see him.= i 'm eager to see him.

for the sake of ... = for ...'s sake:
he is a miser. he does everything for the sake of money.
=he is a miser. he does everything for money's sake.

do our part 尽我们的本分

1.Marry becomes happy when she sees you.
   Ellas became sad and started to cry.
   i suddenly become hungry when i smelled the delicious food.
  the food is delicious. / inviting.

2.this is a dirty, smelly bus.
   you are a rude, disgusting man.
   Martha's son is a hard-working, intelligent young man.

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作者: xuyongan3    时间: 2006-8-23 18:16

I'm very happy ,i can download  it  again . Thank you so much .

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作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-24 15:24     标题: lesson 104 we need fresh air

f:  boy! it's really stuffy in here.
m: you are right. we need some fresh air.
f:  let's turn on the air-con.
m: why not just oprn the window?
f:  that's even better.

--hello,my name is John, i'm studying in a senior high scholl, glad to see you. how long will you be here?

in here
here /there 为副词,前不能有介词
you should come here. / go there./ go to school. /go to the station.
i 'll go to the station to see my friend off.
i 'll go there to see my friend off.
i' ll come home. don't worry.
here / there 也可以做宾语,在in  的后面时,表示在房间里室内
hey~JOhn,i'm here ,and he is there.  (室外)
i'm in here, he is in there. (在。。。里面,室内)

boy! is she beautiful! = boy, she is beautiful.
boy , is it really stuffy in here!

做动词  i need your help.
              i need your cooperation.
做名词i'm in need of your help.

fresh 刚回来
i'm fresh grom a trip to Japan.
he is fresh.  形容人表示很粗鲁。 =he is rude.
he is fresh, that's why i don't like him.

turn on / tur off
turn on the radio   turn on the tv
let's run on the lights.
turn off the lights before you leave.
open the window~
it's raining now, please close / shut the windows.

why not...?
---you should stay home and study tonight, John.
---why do i have to stay home and study?  = ---why stay home and study?
you should do it right now?   ---why do it ?
you can't do it.                      ---why not do it?

1.did you just see a cute young child pass by here?
   he is a good-looking boy/ young man.
   that cute small child is my brother.
   that kind old lady is my mother.
2.Paul finally got angry.
   Paul finally made me angry.
3.Al is getting more and more generous.
4.Nancy and Jill will come here late tonight.
5.why not take the bus to school?
6.if you are too fat, why not just go on a diet?
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-24 17:10     标题: lesson 105 recycling

Garbage disposal is a major problem in most cities around the world.
Finding places for garbage is getting more and more difficult.
Recycling is, therefore, becoming very popular.
In other words, more and more people are treating used material so that it can be reused.
There is no doubt that recycling helps save our precious (宝贵的,珍贵的) natural resources.
It is in our own best interest to recycle.

newspapers can be  recycled.
he is reading a newspaper. / two newspapers.
go buy me a newspaper, please.
come see me when you have time.

around the world = across the world
i saw a lot of garbage there.
i found a piece of garbage here.
don't dump garbage here.
don't throw garbage here.
he is dumped by his girlfriend.

dispose of ...
how should we dispose of this problem?
he has a good way to dispose of this garbage.

working with him is pleasant.
climbing mountains is good.

after taking the medicine, he got well.
he got ill / sick /mad/ angry.
she is getting more and more beautiful.
it's getting hotter and hotter.
his english is getting better and better.

therefore / however:
he is nice, however ,i don't like him.=he is nice, i,however , don't like him.
he is nice, therefore,i  like him very much.  = he is nice, i, therefore , like him very much.

he is popular with us.
the man is very helpful,he's very nice.that's why we all like him. that's why he is so popular with us.

so that:
you must study hard so that you can pass the exam.
i get up early everyday so that i may see her.
=i get up early everyday in order  that i may see her.
=i get up early everyday in order  to see her./ so as to see her.

no doubt:
there's no doubt that he is a nice man.
no doubt he is a nice man.

he helped (to) write the letter.
he helped me (to) write the letter.

It is in your own best interest to be nice to people.
It is in your own best interest to study hard.
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-24 18:53

1. more and more people are treating used material so that it can be reused.
    Sam left work early so that he could take his son to a baseball game.
    i have to stay up late last night in order to finish writing this report.
    Carl exercises everyday so as not to get fat.

2.There is no doubt that recycling helps save our precious natural resources.
    policeman helped us against criminals.
    my mother often helps me study for my exams.
    Nancy usually helps her sister do her choise.
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-24 19:11     标题: lesson 106 Litterbugs(垃圾虫)

m: why is there so much garbage in the street, mum?
f:  because there're many litterbugs.
m: what are litterbugs?
f:  they're people who don't put their rubbish in trash cans.

he littered the  room with newspapers.
you are a litterbug.
he is a road hog(自私的司机, 鲁莽的驾驶员).
he is a jaywalker(乱穿马路的人).

there's a piece of garbage there.
some garbage / a piece of garbage / a lot of garbage

in the street:
i live on that street.
he is walking in the street. it's dangerous to walk in the street.

trash can = garbage can = garbage bin=wastebin

what do you think of his writting ability?
it's awful.------it's trash. / rubbish. / junk.
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1. i just sold a piece of furniture.
    who's going to chair the meeting.
    不可数名词:advice  news equipment music imformation
    he refused to take my advice.  i will take your advice.  he gave me a good piece of advice.
    that's good news.   that's a good piece of news.
    we need more equipment.  --- a piece of equipment.
    that's good music.
    we have collected a lot of imformation on the subject/project.
    sold out  ---- i'm sorry, but we have sold out this book.
                   ----he sold out his friend.
    on sale   ----this watch is on sale for 2$ only.

2. he buys inexpensive clothes in order to save money.
    John is cheap.   ----John is stingy.

3.running helps me to stay healthy.
   he helped (me to) write the letter. softly, so as not to wake up my sleeping brother.
   i left in order not to see her.

5.this car is a piece of junk.

6. don't be a litterbug, put your rubbish in the trash can.
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ella 斑主,怎么初级的62-79课没有呀?
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-27 19:43

晕,上次谁问54-79在哪吧,这次问62-79,那边不是也从54 到61 了么。

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作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-27 19:58     标题: lesson 107 the secret of longevity

Hong Ying, who comes from Guangdong, is known as the oldest person in China.
She is 122 years old.
Although she can hardly hear, her voice is loud and clear.
In fact, she is still full of life.
What's the secret of her longeviity?
Maybe it's her personality.
According to her family and friends, she is humorous and easy to get along with.
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-27 20:13

secret :
n.: that's a secret. i'm not going to tell you.
adj.:keep that secret. keep it secret.

be known as :
he is known as a great scientist.
he is known as a great musician.
be known for:
he is known for his talent in english.
he is known for his book.
be known to:
he is known to us.
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come from:
where do you come from?
where are you from.
i come from guangxi.
i'm from guangxi.

he is 10 years old.
he is 10 years of age.
my grandfather lived to be 82 years old.
she is coming of age.(慢慢长大成人)

hsrdly=almost not
he is 80 yeas old and hard of hearing.

full of life:
that young man is full of life.
my grandfather is 80 yeas old, he is a little hard of hearing.but he is full of life.

her longeviity is my envy.
i envy her.
his mountain bike is my envy.
her beauty/his house  is my evny.
beaty is only skin deep.

he has a pleasant personality.
we have pleasant weather today.
the weather is pleasant today.

according to:
according to him, Marry is a good child.
according to the weatherman, it 's going to  rain.

get along with:
he is easy to get along with.
to get along with him is easy.
he is hard to get along with.
to get along with him is hard.
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1.Hong Ying  is known as the oldest person in China.
   Mark is known as a writer of children's books.
   Picasso is renowned as a painter.
   Kanny is famous for her poetry.
   i enjoy peotry   .
   that poem is beautiful.
2. she is humorous and easy to get along with.
    she is willing to help others.
    they are anxious to go out and play.
    Charl is longing to see his girlfriend.
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f:  slow down Carrol,i can't keep up with you.
m: you walk as slowly as a snail.
f:  how do you keep so fit?
m: i work out as often as i can.

slow down:
you're driving too fast,slow down.

keep up with / catch up with
you should study hard, or you'll not keep up with me.
you're falling / lagging behind, you should study harder to catch up with me.
she is beautiful. she is as beautiful as Marry.
he studies as hard as John.

keep fit:= stay healthy:
if you want to stay fit, you should exercise everyday.
work out =  exercise 偏向室内体能训练
i jog everyday.

as one can = as possible
you must study as hard as you can.= as hard as possible.
you must run as fast as you can.
you must be as careful as possible.
as often as i can = as often as possible.
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1. the boy is very difficult to get along well with.
    he gets along with us well.
    he gets along well with Peter.
    to work with him is easy.
    he is easy to work with.
    he is hard / difficult to work with.
2.Carl is easy to work with.
   to work with Carl is easy.
3.Elle is longing to go home.
   i 'm longing to see him.
4.i'm sorry,i'm unable to go.
5.Shakespare is known as a great writer.
   he is known for his works.
   he is known to us.
6.i exercise as often as i can.
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there 29 students in our class.
it's 1995.
they finially discovered the secret.

lesson 109 discovering Africa

david livingstone was a doctor and explorler from scotland.
he was famous for travelling 29,000 miles in Afica during the 19th century.
he discovered many rivers lakes and mountains ,including the  victoria falls-the biggest waterfall in the world.
most of all, he is lighly respected because he helped to abolish slave trade in africa.

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be from..
he is a musician from China.
he is from Malaysia/ Taiwan.

be famous (known renown )for:
he is known as a great scientist.
he is famous as a great scientist.
he is famous for a great scientist.
he is known for a great scientist.

i will travel around the world some day.
i will travel the world some day.
he is well travelled.
he is well read.
he has been to many places.
my father is well father has been to many places.
have you ever been to Thailand?

speak : he speaks very good English. = he speaks English well.
skirt:   stop:   
mountain: they live in the mountains.
student:   John is a good student.

介词:including     regarding     concerning   according to
here comes mr. wang ,(who is)my english teacher.
most of all (尤其是)
abolish        废止

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作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-29 08:51     标题: lesson 110 easier said than done

f:   don't be a slave to work, Ralph
m:  i can't help it. i'm always busy.
f:   you must take it easy sometimes.
m:  easier said than done.

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作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-29 16:41

slave :
he is a slave TO money.
he does evrything for the sake of money.
he does evrything for money's sake.

i can't help it:
can't help doing sth. :
can't help but do sth.:
i laugh each time i see peter,i can't help it.
each time i see peter i can't help laughing.
c.f.  i don't like him,so i won't help him.
        please help me!
each time i see peter i can't help but laugh .
after hearing his story i couldn't help crying.
after hearing his story i couldn't help but cry.

be busy (in) doing sth.
he is always busy.
he is busy all the time.
my father is busy all the time.
he is busy writing a letter.
i'm busy cooking.

take it easy:
the job is easy.
he is easy to get along with.

easier said than done:说来容易做起来难
it is easier to be said than to be done:
it is easier to say sth. than to do sth.:

long time no see.中式英语:)
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1.i love exercising, including running and swimming.
   have the runs   拉肚子
       -----i ate something wrong, and i had the runs yesterday.
   he has many hobbies, including collecting stamps.
   he made a speech regarding (有关) air pollution.
   he made a speech concerning / on (有关) air pollution.
2.kate,my sister, wants to go to mexico.
   john,my younger brother,is coming today.
3.the mother spoke about (talked about) concerning her son's education.
4.the cake was so good that Tart couldn't help eating it all.
5.i don't like Carry, i can't help getting angry when i see him.
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作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-31 14:47     标题: lesson 111 Confucius

Confucius is respected by most Chinese as the greatest teacher of all time.
Perhaps the most important word he taught was "ren," which means "benevolence."
According to Confucius, benevolence means courtesy, loyalty and unselfishness.
In fact, benevolence is the essence of his teachings.
Every teacher should, therefore, follow in his footsteps and emphasize benevolence when teaching.
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-31 15:31

be respected as:
we all regard him as a hero.
we all look upon him as a hero.
we all view him as a hero.
we all respect him as a hero.

perhaps he's coming today.
perhaps he is a nice man, but i'm not so sure.

she is the most beautiful girl that i've ever seen.
this is the most interesting book that i've ever read.

according to:
according to him, the work is easy.
according to the weatherman, it's going to rain tomorrow.

courtesy & courteous
the boy is courteous, that's why i like him so much.
courtesy costs nothing. 礼多人不怪 so please be courteous.
loyal & loyalty
we must be loyal to our country.

in fact:
the boy is intelligent, in fact he is a child prodigy.

follow in his footsteps
when you do the work, you should be careful.
when doing the work, you should be careful.
when free, iwill do it.
though free, i won't do it.
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-31 16:02     标题: lesson 112 it's my pleasure

m: excuse me, would like to sit down?
f:  that's very nice of you. thank you!
m: it's my pleasure.
f:  you're a very courteous gentleman.
m: thank you.
作者: ella    时间: 2006-8-31 16:09

take place:
this short dialogue takes place between an old lady and a gentleman.
the meeting will take place tomorrow.

sit  & seat
sit down, please.   take a seat,please.
excuse me ,is this seat taken?
hit  & heat
(hit the nail right on the head)  

it's important FOR you to do it.
it's very nice / kind / cruel OF you.  人的品行

it's my pleasure.
don't mention it.
you're welcome.

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