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标题: A call from home [打印本页]

作者: 爱受伤的鱼    时间: 2011-5-9 21:47     标题: A call from home

today I receive a call from home,to hand the stuff which I need to me my parents have tried all the ways to help me .I am so moved .Especially when I hear my mather say that father can bring it to the city where I stay. You know ,my father has been over 53 and  he has never take train since he was 20s.Finally,I don't have the heart to let he come.
作者: xiaomeixin    时间: 2011-5-10 09:23

If you have time,go home and bring it back.
作者: dragon520    时间: 2011-5-10 09:29

本帖最后由 xiaomeixin 于 2011-5-10 15:41 编辑

We all ought to love my (our 要与主语相对应)parents.
Spend many time to accompany them.
作者: 莎莎dawn    时间: 2011-5-10 15:37

本帖最后由 xiaomeixin 于 2011-5-10 15:42 编辑

Yes ,parents are the greatest person in the world,they give you something to eat when you are (这里应加are比较合适)hungry,they give you love when you need love.Everything they do for us is for the same goal ,that is ,they just want their children to be good.
作者: 爱受伤的鱼    时间: 2011-5-10 17:30

作者: Silence1102    时间: 2013-6-19 12:04

Check before hand in
作者: samwong    时间: 2013-6-25 19:13

I'm very agree with dawn's view.Parents love their children are similar in the world.They always hope their children to become better and better.
作者: 月色倾城    时间: 2013-6-28 23:47

作者: hello_139    时间: 2013-7-5 22:04

I love my parents.
作者: zyhlq_2012    时间: 2013-7-10 08:38

loving our parents!
作者: 474091102    时间: 2013-7-17 19:19

Remember our parents love for us,and let them know we love them too
作者: 簿子酒    时间: 2013-7-18 16:50

so parents are angle
作者: tang24    时间: 2013-10-12 22:11

thanks for sharing  !!!!!!!!
作者: xuanji23    时间: 2018-3-16 17:18

pathetic parents heart!

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