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标题: 2011年05月27日 每日一译 [打印本页]

作者: 陈秀玲    时间: 2011-5-27 10:21     标题: 2011年05月27日 每日一译

本帖最后由 陈秀玲 于 2011-5-27 12:58 编辑

   if a teacher can't answer this simple quetion , he'll lose face with his class .
   when you want to litter something please think that , don't lose face anyway .

lose one's mind "不能自制"

for instance :
1,stay commonly with respect to lose one's mind later standing .
2,relevant research report says , get online addiction person , do not get online to be met inside short time to lose one's mind .

try to translate these sentences into english .

作者: 当时的月亮    时间: 2011-5-27 11:09

you should study hard,don't get online to lose your mind
If libertinism to lost your mind,you will get no advance
作者: 高redman    时间: 2011-5-27 12:33

1.You should work hard,and you should not be always getting online uncontrolled.
2.If you are always addicted to playing,you can not make progress.
作者: 高redman    时间: 2011-5-27 12:37

版主,第二句的impossible 少了一个s
作者: 陈秀玲    时间: 2011-5-27 12:58

回复 4# 高redman

    哈哈,thanks for your reminding ! I have made a mistake .
作者: xiaotantan    时间: 2011-5-27 14:38

You should study hard and not always lose one‘s mind to get online。
You will not get progress if you always lose one‘s mind to play。
作者: miffy930    时间: 2011-5-27 14:46

本帖最后由 miffy930 于 2011-5-27 14:48 编辑

you should study hard,donot lose your mind to get online.
If you always lose your mind to play,you cannot make progress.
作者: amazon496    时间: 2011-5-28 08:09

1.You should study hard instead of lose your mind get online.
2.You would not make progress if you lose your mind in libertinism.
作者: mapleleaf    时间: 2011-5-28 08:46

1.You should study hard,  don't lose your mind to get online.
2.If you always lose your mind to play,you can not make progress.
作者: lghmhw    时间: 2011-5-31 08:52

1 .you should study hard,not lose your mind online
2.if you lose your mind in playing,you will not make progress
作者: LihaoLeo    时间: 2011-5-31 10:36

     you should study harder, don't always lose your mind on net.


    you could never make progress if you always lose your mind in playing games.
作者: Andy-Lee    时间: 2011-5-31 12:32

you should study hard and don't always get online to lose one's mind.
if you are always in the happiness to lose one's mind,you can't get progress.

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