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Lesson One   Rome Was Not Built in a Day
English is an international language.
Therefore,it's necessary for us to learn it.
It can be rewarding or just a waste of time.
It's up to you.
It depends on how you study it.
Here're some tips about learning English.
First,don't be afraid to make mistakes,you'll learn from them.
Second,you must not be shy,be thick-skinned,and speak up.
Finally,you must be patient.
Remember,Rome wasn't built in a day.

Peter: Rome wasn't built in a day.为什么用wasn't,不用isn't?
Bruce: Well,Rome doesn't refer to the city of Rome.It refers to the Rome Empire.That's the Great country thatwas built more than 2000 years ago.It was a great empire and of course you can't build anything good or great in just short time.

Peter: Now,I have this question.In one situation,we'll use this expression'Rome wasn't built in a day'.Please give us an example.
Bruce: Well,let's say that your friend wants to learn how to do something,like typing,or swimming,and at first your friend feels a little discouraged because it's not easy to learn a new skill.But you tell him 'Hey,come on,'Rome wasn't built in a day'.We want to encourage our friends with this saying.

Peter: 为什么说“English is an international language”?主要含义是什么意思?
Bruce: Well,we say that English is an international language because English is spoken around the world.Of couse,there're more speakers of Mandarin than English,but English is spoken by more people in more countries than Mandarin is. So when you travel,or do business,or study overseas,you can always find English speakers and English TV programmas and English newspapers.
Peter: In other words,English is a universal language.
Peter: English is a universal language,that's why we learn it.
Peter: We can say Bruce speaks beautiful Mandarin.

Peter: you staying here is only a waste of time.
Bruce: Exercise is very rewarding for our health.
Peter: It pays to exercise.It is rewarding to exercise.

Peter: 怎么使用“it's up to you”?
Bruce: Well,if Peter asks me 'Do you want to go to a restaurant first or see a movie first tonight?',I might say 'It's up to you.'
Peter: But I know the true answer. He enjoys eating.
Bruce:More than anything
Peter: So let's go to a restaurant first.In our stdio,we have a small stdio here,and we have only two people here that's Bruce and me,but Bruce is much too big,so we have little room left here.

Peter: You'll get nowhere if you learn English by fits and starts.
Bruce: My brother studied accounting by fits and starts,so he failed.

Peter: If you give me a tip,I'll give you some tips about/on how to learn English.
Bruce: 'If you give me a tip'的tip 是小费。If you are in a restaurant,and you leave a little money for the waitor,we say that's a tip.But then Peter said 'I'll give some tips about learning english' 的tip 是建议,some advice about learning english.
Peter: He gives me some advice on learning english
Peter: Mr. Bruce,before leaving,don't forget to tip me.
He tiped me on how to learn English.
Bruce: tipped 小心

Peter: I am afraid to talk to him or I am afraid of talking to him.
Peter: This is a very good piece of advice.
Bruce: Well,if you have to speak or write a language to really learn it,if you make mistakes while speaking,usually the listener will understand you anyway,because usually your mistake is just a grammar mistake or maybe a vocabulary mistake.but usually we understand you. But if we don't understand you we'll ask'huh',or 'what do you mean'.Then you can try again.
Peter: Only by making mistakes can we learn something.

Bruce: Children are usually shy around strangers.
Peter: Well,this is often the case,but there is some situation in which adults are shy.For example,each time Bruce is with me,he is shy.
Peter: That's not shy,Peter,that's embarrassed.
Peter: Peter,you stink.

Peter: A good teacher must be patient with his students.

Just for reference

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Friends who downloaded zm001.rar can express your opinions about it in here,and tell me how you learn it,etc.Just feed back
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Lesson Two
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Lesson Two: How to Improve Your English

Peter: In lesson two we have a very short dialog.Now,by the way,what's the meaning by the word "dialog"?
Bruce: A dialog is a conversation between two people.
Peter: And that's speeled...
Bruce: Conversation or(Peter: Dialog)...ok,well,you can see it on page 9 here: dialogue,but it's also speeled dialog.
          so there are two speelings for this word.
Bruce: sometimes just one person,Peter,because sometimes I hear you talking to yourself.
Peter: Peter's being sent to the hospital(Bruce: funny farm).
Peter: He's raised on the farm.
Peter: Yersday Peter was sent to a nearby mental asylum because he kept talking to himself.

Mack is talking to his friend,Don.Mack and Don are both boys or men.
Mack: Hi,Don,how are you doing in your English class?
Don: Not so well,I am afraid.
Mack: What's the problem?
Don: I'm not improving.Tell me,how come your english is so good?
Mack: Well,ur...I've an american girlfriend.
Don: Aha,that's it. Now I know what to do.(He runs off.)
Mack: Hey,come back,I was just kidding.

Bruce: He improved his English by studying everyday.
Peter: He studied everyday so his English improved
Bruce: Peter, you have made a lot of improvement in your Mandarin.
Peter: Thank you,Bruce,for teaching me.
Peter: Because he studies hard,he has made a lot of improvement in his English.
Peter: Hey,what are you talking about?
Bruce: The teachers were talking about the problem student.
Peter: He is a problem student.He keeps causing troubles.
Bruce: His girlfriend talked Mack into quitting smoking.
Bruce: When he gave a speech,we realized he was just talking nonsense.
Bruce: Right,Peter,"Hi",as you just said,it's a greeting.If I see my good friends or sometimes my students,I will say hi,
          it's a friendly greeting.But,"Hey" means I want you to pay attention to me,I have something important  to talk
         to you about or maybe to show you. Hey,come here. Hey,listen to me.
Peter: But,hey,in this case,is not quite polite,I would say.
Bruce: No. We should use it between friends.
Peter: How are you doing?  
           How are you getting along?   
          How is he going?
          Where have you been?
Bruce: Howdy,if you go to Texas or or other southern states in America, many people will greet you with howdy.
Bruce: I'm afraid that it's going to rain so we cann't go on the picnic.
Peter: I'm going to have a blind date. Look into the mirror yourself.
Peter: He seems to has some problems with the work.
Bruce: We can say "What's the matter?" or "What's wrong?".
Peter: Bruce,how come you look so ugly?
Bruce: The truth hurts.
Peter: Why do you look so ugly?
Bruce: How come you failed your Chinses test,Peter?
Bruce: Why did you fail your Chinses test,Peter?
Peter: Well,because I goofed around,I didn't study at all.
Peter: He goofs around all day.
Bruce: Aha means I understand,I got it. For example,if you try to think of the answer to a problem,oh,let's see,the
          capital  of Canada is aha, is Ottawa.
Peter: I was just kidding.I was just joking.

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I just came back from Nanchang last night,and I had been there for a few days ,so I couldnot upload lesson 3 in time.Now I can't do so yet,then I will upload it later.
Thank you for your support!
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how many lessons in total?
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how many lessons in total?

How do you like it?There are 148 lessons altogether.
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How do you like it?There are 148 lessons altogether.

oh my god! when could we download all the lesson?
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好帖啊!!顶顶顶 !!还有后面的内容吗?
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Lesson 3 The City of Song

Listening to music is the favorite pastime of many people all over the world.
This is especially true for people living in Vienna, the city of song.
Being the home of Mozart, this city is the birthplace of classical music and the Waltz.
Music fills the air in Vienna.
Going to public concerts is often free of charge.
And don't forget Vienna is also home to the world famous Vienna boys' choir.
No wonder people say Austria is always alive with the sound of music.

Peter: Bruce, you know something, I should leave this lesson to you because this lesson features one country, and tha t's (Bruce: Austria). This country has a lot to do with your background. (Bruce: Yes,that's right.)So tell our listeners how come you have a very close connection with this country.
Bruce: Ur... my mother was born in Jugoslavia, but her mother comes from Austria and I still have many relatives living there. And I like to visit them every two or three years.
Peter: The city of song refers to the city of (Bruce: Vienna).
Peter: You have been to this city many times. (Bruce: Of course.)Tell us something about this city.
Bruce: Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. I'm not kidding. It's a very old and beautiful city for its culture and music and good beer.
Bruce: Well, if you go out with Peter, beause he's a potbelly, you might feel embarrassed.
Peter: He is a potbelly.
Bruce: Jogging or going jogging is my favorite exercise. Well, it's Peter's favorite exercise, not mine.
Peter: Your exercise is eating.
Bruce: It's lifting a heavy glass of beer.
Peter: What's your pastime over the weekend?
Bruce: Well, you could say "what's your favorite hobby? or how do you pass the time on your weedends?"
Bruce: Oh,let's see,going to a restaurant or seeing a movie.
Bruce: Michael Jackson is famous the world over.
Peter: But here I'm a littl bit curious again. Now you mentioned you have something to do with Vienna. How come you don't know anything about music?
Bruce: Ha... that's a good question. Peter means I can't sing.I like to listen to music,but I can't sing.
Peter: So you've got to face the music.
Bruce: To face the music means that you must face your problem. You must try to solve your problem.
Peter: He was sick of learning, he ran away from school. 变成 Being sick of learning, he ran away from home.
Bruce: Mozart is one of the most famous classical musicans.
Peter: What's your birthplace? Where was you born? In fact, I was born in Nanjing even though my hometown is in Guangxi province.
Bruce: Sure. This's true. When you go to Vienna, especially in the summer time,you can hear music being played, not from the radio or the CD player, but from people who play music on the street or in the parks or in the concerts.  You can hear music as you walk around the city.
Peter: Or in another words, you can see some live shows on your own. How to spell the word of /laiv/?
Bruce: I work for Peter free of charge.
Peter: Wow, in another words, I'm enslaved by Peter everyday. I'm a slave to Bruce. Don't be a slave to money.
Bruce: Let me give our students a better example here. This sample is free for charge.
Peter: He is a good boy.He often helps his mother with chores.
Bruce: Chicago is home to some of the world's tallest buildings.
Bruce: No wonder Bruce is in such good shape. He exercises everyday.

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oh,I am afraid I'll have to say sorry.there are 148 lessons in all.I can only upload one lesson each time.I plan to upload one lesson every week,then post what I have wrote down while listening. So you don't have to be in a hurry learning lessons,just take your time.And remember: more haste,less speed.
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Lesson 4: He who hesitates is lost
Dialog: Mike is in Vienna with his girlfriend,Daisy.
Mike: Are you having a good time,Daisy?
Daisy: Are you kidding? I'm having the time of my life. I love the concerts.
Mike: Concert-going is fantastic, but what else can we do?
Daisy: Biking along the banks of the river Danube could be fun.
Mike: It sounds like a great idea.
Daisy: Let's do it then.
Mike: You're right. As they say,he who hesitates is lost.

Peter: We have this title "He who hesitates is lost".Now we have this word 'he',in this case,'he' is the subject.
Bruce: He who works hard will be successful.
Bruce: Anyone/anybody who works hard will be successful.
Bruce: Those who word hard will be successful.
Peter: If you have questions, don't hesitateto ask me.
Bruce: Sure. Or you could say "Don't talk to Morris,he's lost/absorbed in his work".
Peter: He who hesitates is a loser.
Bruce: Daisy is a beautiful,little flower,but remember if you're talking about the flower then we don't capitalize the 'd'.
Peter: Probally,they are on vacation there.
Bruce: I'm sorry,Peter,I don't know what the vacation means.
Peter: In my dictionary there is no such a word as vacation.This means I work all day,day and night(Bruce: For Peter).
Bruce: I visited Italy and France while on vacation last year.
Bruce: He always has a good time in camping.
Peter: I had a good time dancing last night. Bruce has a good time working for me.
Bruce: Foreigners have a hard time learning how to write Chinses characters.Are you kidding me?
Peter: But Bruce can at least write one word,that's Chinses character,that's one,1.
Peter: How many kids do you have?
Bruce: I hvae two kids. Same as you.
Peter: Mr. Wang who lives next to me has three ears. Oh come on.Are you kidding me?
Bruce: The artist will put on a new exhibit next month.
Bruce: House-cleaning is Peter's favorite activity.
Bruce: Mozart's music is fantastic.
Peter: What do you think that movie?
Bruce: It's terrific.
Bruce: Bruce is fun,Peter looks funny.
Peter: He's a fun man to be with.
Bruce: Fun. we always use it with 'have a good time' if you like to do something. It's a good time you say there's a lot of fun,
but if something makes you laugh,then we say it's funny.
Bruce: The students made fun of the new kid in the class.
Bruce: I'm going to use a different verb. Tastes  like garbage . Peter's cooking.
Bruce: Let's go see a movie tonight.
Peter: Sounds like a good idea.  

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Thank you!
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"more haste,less speed." your speaking is good.We should learn everything more haste,less speed.
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"more haste,less speed." your speaking is good.We should learn everything more haste,less speed.

Oh It seems that I should tell the meaning of "more haste,less speed" is 欲速则不达。
作者: sunny-lang    时间: 2006-4-25 16:29

I maked a mistake and I will remember the means.Thanks.
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Waiting for your good things!
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Lesson Five Bungee Jumping
Peter: On this page we have a new lesson, lesson 5 and we have a picture here. This picture describe a person. This person's or rather ,this is not a person,but an animal. But it looks familiar to me. What's it?
Bruce: It's wild Bruce. ur...wild boar.

Text: Bungee jumping looks like fun.It makes me nervous just to watch someone do it. It certaintly takes a lot of guts to jump 1000 feet above the water with only a rope tied to your legs. It scares me just to think about it. However,it's something I really want to do one day. Some people think I'm crazy. They say to jump is foolish enough, but to have to pay for it is madness. I don't agree. For me to live a short,exciting life is far better than to live a long and boring one.What do you think?
Peter: Wow, this is not the case with Bruce.He will think that bungee jumping is something we should do. So tell us some history about the exciting activity. I think, if I remember correctly,it originated in the country ,New Zealand.
Bruce: That's right.It originated in New Zealand. To originate simply means to start some place, to start somewhere. New Zealand is an island nation, in the south Pacific,it's an English-speaking country.and it's not very big in population.But some of people there really like to have an exciting,fun time.So they had the idea you can jump from the bridge or jump from the tall building with a rope tied to your legs,just like we see here in the picture. There's a rope tied to one of wild boar's four legs. That rope will stop you from hitting the ground.
Bruce: Paper originated in China.
Peter: I heard him singing.I watched him doing it.
Bruce: Billy doesn't have guts to ask Marry out for a date.
Bruce: Appointment is for the teachers,the doctors and the dentists.
Peter: I'd like to have an appointment with you,doctor.I hope that I can see you at seven tomorrow morning.Will you be available then?
Bruce: That poor dog is tied to the fence. He can't run.
Peter: I hate his guts.
Peter: He scared me to death.
Bruce: peter's scared of mirrals/snakes.
Bruce: He looked into the mirral and found that he looked much older.
Bruce: She is frightened of cockroaches.
Bruce: You make him afraid.
Peter: When Bruce appeared at midnight,I was frightened.
Peter: If you work hard,you'll get somewhere some day.
Peter: One day I met John somewhere in that city.
Bruce: People used to think,and some people still think that the moon will influence us.And they used to think that the moon made people go crazy
Peter: When the moon is full,don't go out.
Bruce: I agree with you on this point,but I disagree with you on that point.
Bruce: I like Marry beause she has a agreeable personality. This means I like Marry because she is a friendly,helpful and thoughtful person.She is very agreeable.
Bruce: The weather is agreeable today.Let's go biking.

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Lesson 6: Nothing Ventured ,Nothing Gained
Dialog: Lisa and Bill are talking about their future.
Lisa: What's your goal in life,Bill?
Bill: To fly in the sky,and to feel as free as a bird.
Lisa: That's easy.
Bill: What do you mean?
Lisa: Go bungee jumping.
Bill: You must be kidding.It's too dangrous.
Lisa: Well,nothing ventured,nothing gained.

Peter: And the last line happens to be the title of this dialog,'Nothing ventured,nothing gained'.Now please tell us something about this saying.First of all,please tell us the phrase,then later on,if possible,try to explain the structure of this particular saying.
Bruce: Okay.First let's talk about the meaning of "Nothing ventured,nothing gained".If we don't try to do things in our lives,we can't learn about life or about ourselves.Some people're afraid to try anything new,and they know how to do,
what they already know how to do,but they can't learn anything new.Some new things may hurt us,but some new things may help us,too. Growing up is a learning experience. So we often encourage our friends to try something and find out about it.Is it right for you?Is it suitable for you?You'll never know if you don't try it.So nothing ventured ,if you don't try anything,nothing gained ,you won't learn anything.So you can never gain any new ideas or experience.
Peter: Growing up is a learning experience.
Peter: You must have the guts to try something new.Now we have this word,Spell this word and tell us how to use this word.
Bruce: Guts,肠子,that's original meaning.But we also mean courage,when we say guts.For example,he doesn't have any guts means he's a coward,he's afraid to fight or to try something.Ur..if someone has no guts,then he has no courage.If you have no courage,then you are a coward.
Peter: He's cowardly.
Peter: Pluck up one's courage
Bruce: To pluck up one's courage means to make yourself feel brave even though you might feel cowardly.
Bruce: Mark finally plucked up his courage and asked Pearl for a date.Of course if it's a girl's name,要大写;if you talk about the beautiful stone we found in the shell,then it's not capitalized.
Peter: What's your plan for your future?
Peter: If you don't work hard now,you'll never be able to carve out a bright future.
Bruce: By going to school and studying hard, Sam carved out a good career for himself.
Bruce: He attained a fortune by writing a beautiful song.
Peter: To attain one's goal. Peter desires to be a musican.Petet,don't goof around, to attain your goal,you must study hard.
Bruce: We can also use 'reach one's goal'. Sarah reached her goal by graduating with a master's degree.
Peter: Fulfill one's goal.fulfil is ok.
Peter: My purpose is to see Marry.
Bruce: My plan is to learn english better.
Peter: I feel very happy whenever I see you ,Bruce.
Bruce: That's the first time you've ever said that,Peter.
Peter: Well,his words implies Peter's very mean,very sly,very bad.
Bruce: I feel as strong as a bull ,Peter looks as large as  a bull.
Peter: However,Bruce's not as handsome as Peter.
Bruce: We have another ''expression,Peter,which our students should know.Peter and I are as busy as bees.
Peter: He's as busy as a bee.
Bruce: Take it easy.Don't worry,don't be nervous ,don't be unhappy.Take it easy.We can also use esy as an verb in this expression'easy come,easy go'.Well that's talking about me and money.It's easy for me to make money,and it's just as easy for me to spend the money.I can't seem to save any money.
Peter: What do you mean by laughing at me?
Bruce: What do you mean by calling me at midnight?
Peter: Well, I just want to say hello.
Bruce: I just want to say I love you.

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thanks a lot
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Thank you !!!
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goal asked if he/she had a word with me.Of course,just go ahead,and you can leave messages on qq group whose id is 22160643.
ivws2006 advised that I should upload 赖世雄中级美语 three or four lessons a week.I am afraid that I have to say sorry,ivws2006,I don't think you can really master one lesson by spending only one hour on it.Yes,the text or the dialog is short,but the extended content is much more than the text /the dialog itself.So are you sure you really make it your own?Could I ask if you do the dictation practice?
Thanks for your passion!

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Okay.I will upload two lessons one week.
作者: gaoli    时间: 2006-5-21 19:53

thank you  very  much
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It is rewarding  for our listening English and thanks favorite.
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very good!
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I hope all of you can like this board and get what you want.

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It's very good!

Thanks very much!
pls come on.
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I haven't come here for some days . Does somebody miss me? HAha,maybe many friends don't remember me!?
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Favorite is our good teacher and good friend .Thank you for doing useful things for us!
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waste too much time.
can you tell a web site that we can download these data just one time?
作者: liangbill    时间: 2006-6-7 10:56

favorite,why do not  u upload  the text of lesson 6 to lesson 11?
former documents  are fabulous.thanks u . i support u permanently
作者: 闻中    时间: 2006-6-7 17:25

作者: favorite    时间: 2006-6-7 20:32

I am gald to hear that!
作者: favorite    时间: 2006-6-7 20:39

原帖由 liangbill 于 2006-6-7 10:56 AM 发表
favorite,why do not  u upload  the text of lesson 6 to lesson 11?
former documents  are fabulous.thanks u . i support u permanently

Because these days I've been busy with graduating and I can't pay any attention to dictating
作者: favorite    时间: 2006-6-8 07:35     标题: Lesson 12

作者: louisa    时间: 2006-6-8 15:40

thank you very much! i think your spoken english would be very fluently,wasn't it?
作者: jenny1027    时间: 2006-6-8 21:18

Thanks for the favorite spend so many times to help us.
All  words of I want to say is reduce for "ThankS"

作者: jenny1027    时间: 2006-6-8 21:41

I agree with you that "Just be thick-skinned while learning English!"
作者: jenny1027    时间: 2006-6-8 21:42

I agree with you that "Just be thick-skinned while learning English!"
作者: favorite    时间: 2006-6-8 21:43

原帖由 louisa 于 2006-6-8 03:40 PM 发表
thank you very much! i think your spoken english would be very fluently,wasn't it?

Ha...not really
作者: favorite    时间: 2006-6-8 21:45

原帖由 jenny1027 于 2006-6-8 09:42 PM 发表
I agree with you that "Just be thick-skinned while learning English!"

So let's improve our english together from here!
作者: lovejone    时间: 2006-6-8 23:09

agree with you
let us improve together
作者: helenqgx    时间: 2006-6-10 14:28     标题: why can't load

作者: lilyrita    时间: 2006-6-14 11:43

Thank you very much! Pls go head!
作者: cqren    时间: 2006-6-15 20:45

作者: cqren    时间: 2006-6-15 20:54

it is so good   thank you very much
作者: mikefan    时间: 2006-6-16 12:32

为什么每个我都下不来 555555555
作者: yanghui7604    时间: 2006-6-17 12:12

it's very good
作者: hexia1221    时间: 2006-6-17 16:37

Dear Favorite,

How are you doing?

It's a long time not to study from your supply -- documents.

Some time i can't learn clearly,even again and again.So i urgently hope you can provide the pertinent  data for us.

You should be know,positive student must have a good guide. We believe that whom you are.

Of course, you are busy,but if you any spare time please land the fourm and keep in touch with us who wants to improve their English.


作者: lilyrita319    时间: 2006-6-19 09:13

作者: louisa    时间: 2006-6-20 16:10

I have listened four lessons and i found it was worthy of spending a lot of time studying it.
作者: louisa    时间: 2006-6-20 16:14

It is possible that i have made only a little of progress in English,but i have been satisfied for it.After all,I made progress,though it is a little!
作者: louisa    时间: 2006-6-20 16:22

Would you mind if you tell me my mistakes in my words? You are welcome! I know my English is poor, so I often make mistakes and I hope i can correct them.l
作者: yfsun    时间: 2006-6-22 17:44     标题: ok

作者: liumin202    时间: 2006-6-25 21:15

作者: colin1437    时间: 2006-6-26 16:44

作者: ilsa    时间: 2006-6-26 21:10

作者: favorite    时间: 2006-6-26 22:23

I am just back from home!and I have read messages you have posted on this board.I will continue the work with you together!I hope you friends can keep on learning!
作者: pzcwwq    时间: 2006-6-27 09:54     标题: 哈哈

成功download 一个!thanks!
作者: flight    时间: 2006-6-27 13:26

作者: flight    时间: 2006-6-27 13:29

作者: piao1    时间: 2006-6-30 13:24

作者: flight    时间: 2006-6-30 20:24

作者: louisa    时间: 2006-7-3 14:56

waiting for you,版主...
作者: louisa    时间: 2006-7-3 15:09

have you found that the speed of the net  is so slow,my dear frineds?

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