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标题: 你最喜欢的国家 [打印本页]

作者: vanna    时间: 2012-2-12 13:37     标题: 你最喜欢的国家

本帖最后由 vanna 于 2012-2-12 13:46 编辑

What's your favourite country and why you love it?Let us talk about it。





作者: vanna    时间: 2012-2-12 13:51

本帖最后由 vanna 于 2012-2-12 13:56 编辑

My favourite country is Canada。The most important reason is I especially like the  maple leaf of Canada。I thought the  maple leaf give me serenity。I would like to go to Winnipeg
Winnipeg is the third biggest city in Canada, and the capital of Manitoba Province. It is situated at the joint point of the Assinibaine River and the Red River, 97 kilometers away from the American borderline. Its area covers 663 square kilometers. The population here is 600 thousand. The climate is dry and cold, with the temperature as low as -30¡ãC to -50¡ãC in the winter.


作者: tingroom    时间: 2012-2-13 15:20

i am not familiar with the other country,so i choose China.
作者: qimaomao123    时间: 2012-2-23 12:17

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作者: davy10    时间: 2012-2-23 16:16

回复 1# vanna

    Firstly, thanks a lot for your good job ,and hope you can go on providing more topic for us.
Canada is surely a beautiful country ,there were so many chinese migrated to there,one of my colleagues live in Ottawa now.but i think Canada is a little cold and dry .so i more like Australian.
作者: davy10    时间: 2012-2-23 16:23

Except China , i like Australian more.
作者: 寒池冰月    时间: 2012-2-26 11:23

i am not familiar with the other country,so i choose China.
作者: 即墨水瓶    时间: 2016-5-25 20:49

I like Australia,too . And Australian 是澳大利亚人.
作者: kobe    时间: 2017-1-22 13:02


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