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标题: 反身代词 [打印本页]

作者: x-ace    时间: 2009-12-25 10:52     标题: 反身代词

 1) 列表
I     you     you     she    he
myself   yourself  yourselves herself himself

we     they     it    one
ourselves themselves  itself  oneself

  a. 有些动词需有反身代词
   absent, bathe, amuse, blame, dry, cut, enjoy, hurt, introduce, behave
   We enjoyed ourselves very much last night. 我们昨晚玩得很开心。
   Please help yourself to some fish.  请你随便吃点鱼。

  b. 用于及物动词+宾语+介词
   take pride in, be annoyed with, help oneself to sth.
   I could not dress (myself) up at that time. 那个时候我不能打扮我自己。
  注:有些动词后不跟反身代词, get up, sit-down, stand up, wake up等。
  Please sit down. 请坐。

 3) 作表语; 同位语
   be oneself: I am not myself today.  我今天不舒服。
   The thing itself is not important.  事情本身并不重要。

 4) 在不强调的情况下,but, except, for 等介词后宾语用反身代词或人称代词宾格均可。如:
No one but myself (me) is hurt.
  a. 反身代词本身不能单独作主语。
   (错) Myself drove the car.
   (对) I myself drove the car. 我自己开车。
  b. 但在and, or, nor连接的并列主语中,第二个主语可用反身代词,特别是myself 作主语。
   Charles and myself saw it.

   You should be proud of yourself. 你应为自己感到骄傲。

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