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标题: 可修饰比较级的词 [打印本页]

作者: x-ace    时间: 2009-12-25 11:08     标题: 可修饰比较级的词

1)a bit, a little, rather, much, far, by far, many, a lot, lots, a great deal, any, still, even等


3)以上词(除by far)外,必须置于比较级形容词或副词的前面。

1) ---- Are you feeling ____? 
   ---- Yes,I'm fine now.
 A. any well B. any better C. quite good
 D. quite better  
 答案:B. any 可修饰比较级,quite修饰原级,well的比较级为better.

2)The experiment was____ easier than we had expected. 
  A. more  B. much more   C. much  
  D. more much
答案:C. much可修饰比较级,因此B,C都说得通,但easier本身已是比较级,不需more,因此C为正确答案。

3)If there were no examinations, we should have ___ at school. 
A. the happiest time  B. a more happier time 
C. much happiest time  D. a much happier time

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