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标题: 不定式作宾语 [打印本页]

作者: x-ace    时间: 2009-12-25 11:18     标题: 不定式作宾语

1) 动词+ 不定式
afford  aim   appear  agree  arrange  ask   be    decide bother  care  choose   come    dare   demand desire  determine     expect   elect  endeavor     hope       fail  happen  help  hesitate learn  long   mean   manage  offer  ought   plan  prepare pretend   promise refuse seem   tend   wait    wish     undertake
 The driver failed to see the other car in time.
 I happen to know the answer to your question.

2)动词+不定式 ; 动词+宾语+不定式
ask, beg, choose, expect , hate, help intend like, love, need prefer, prepare, promise, want, wish…
 I like to keep everything tidy. 我喜欢每件东西都保持整洁。
 I like you to keep everything tidy. 我喜欢你年使每件东西都保持整洁。
I want to speak to Tom.  我想和汤姆谈话。
I want you to speak to Tom.  我想让你和汤姆谈话。

3) 动词+疑问词+ to
decide, know, consider forget, learn, remember, show, understand, see, wonder, hear, find out, explain, tell
  Please show us how to do that. 请演示给我们如何去做。
  There are so many kinds of tape-recorders on sale that I can't make up my mind which to buy.有这么多的录音机,我都拿不定主意买哪一种。

   The question is how to put it into practice.

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