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标题: 不定式作补语 [打印本页]

作者: x-ace    时间: 2009-12-25 11:19     标题: 不定式作补语

1) 动词+宾语+不定式(to do)
advise   allow   appoint   believe   cause   challenge command  compel   consider  declare   drive   enable  encourage  find    forbid   force   guess   hire    imagine  impel   induce   inform  instruct  invite   judge    know    like   order    permit  persuade  remind   report  request   require  select send    state   suppose   tell    think  train   trust   understand urge    warn 

  a. Father will not allow us to play on the street.       
  b. We believe him to be guilty.

Find 的特殊用法:
  Find 后可用分词做宾补,或先加形式宾语,再加形容词,最后加带to 的动词不定式。find后也可带一个从句。此类动词还有get,have。
   I found him lying on the ground.
   I found it important to learn.
   I found that to learn English is important.

  The next morning she found the man ___ in bed,dead. 
  A. lying  B. lie  C. lay  D. laying  

2) to + be 的不定式结构,作补语的动词。
Acknowledge,  believe, consider,  think, declare(声称), discover, fancy(设想), feel   find, guess,  judge,  imagine,   know,  prove,     see(理解), show,    suppose,     take(以为),   understand
   We consider Tom to be one of the best students in our class.

   Charles Babbage is generally considered ___ the first computer. 
A. to invent B. inventing  C. to have invented  D. having invented 
答案:A. 由consider to do sth. 排除B、D。. 此句只说明发明这一个事实,不定式后用原形即可。而C为现在完成时,发明为点动词一般不用完成时,且此处也不强调对现在的影响,因此不选C。

3) to be +形容词
Seem,     appear,   be said,  be supposed,  be believed, be thought, be known,  be reported, hope, wish,  desire,   want,    plan,  expect,    mean…
 The book is believed to be uninteresting.

4) there be+不定式
believe, expect, intend, like, love, mean, prefer, want, wish, undrstand
 We didn't expect there to be so many people there.我们没料到会有那么多人在哪里。

注意 : 有些动词需用as 短语做补语,如regard, think believe, take, consider.
 We regard Tom as our best teacher. 我们认为汤姆是我们最好的老师。
 Mary took him as her father . 玛丽把他当作自己的父亲。

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