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标题: 省to 的动词不定式 [打印本页]

作者: x-ace    时间: 2009-12-25 11:22     标题: 省to 的动词不定式

  Tell him not to shut the window… 
  She pretended not to see me when I passed by. 我走过的时候,她假装没看见。

1)Tell him ___ the window. 
  A. to shut not  B. not to shut  C. to not shut
  D. not shut 
  答案:B。 tell sb to do sth 的否定形式为tell sb not to do sth.

2) She pretended ___ me when I passed by. 
  A. not to see  B. not seeing  C. to not see
  D. having not seen 
  答案:A。 pretend 后应接不定式。其否定形式为pretend not to do sth.。

3)Mrs. Smith warned her daughter ___ after drinking. 
  A. never to drive  B. to never driver 
  C. never driving  D. never drive 
  答案:A。warn sb to do sth. 的否定形式为warn sb not to do sth. 此处用的是否定词never.

4) The boy wanted to ride his bicycle in the street,but his mother told him ____. 
  A. not to  B. not to do  C. not do it 
  D. do not to
 答案:A。not to 为not to do it 的省略形式。可以只用to这个词,而不必重复整个不定式词组。及物动词do后应有名词、代词等,否则不对,因此B,D不对。

5) The patient was warned ___ oily food after the operation. 
  A. to eat no  B. eating not  C. not to eat 
  D. not eating
  答案:C。warn一词要求后用不定式,此处为不定式的被动,否定形式为be warned not to do。

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