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标题: 以否定词开头作部分倒装 [打印本页]

作者: x-ace    时间: 2009-12-25 13:20     标题: 以否定词开头作部分倒装

  如 Not only…but also, Hardly/Scarcely…when, No sooner… than
  Not only did he refuse the gift, he also severely criticized the sender.
  Hardly had she gone out when a student came to visit her.
  No sooner had she gone out than a student came to visit her.

No sooner___ than it began to rain heavily.
A. the game began      B. has the game begun
C. did the game begin    D. had the game begun
答案D. 以具有否定意义的副词放在句首时,一般采用倒装句(谓语前置)。这类表示否定意义的词有never, seldom, scarcely, little, few, not, hardly, 以及not only…but (also), no sooner…than, hardly… when scarcely… when 等等。

注意:只有当Not only… but also连接两个分句时,才在第一个分句用倒装结构。如果置于句首的Not only… but also仅连接两个并列词语,不可用倒装结构。
  Not only you but also I am fond of music.

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