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标题: 名词性wh-从句 [打印本页]

作者: x-ace    时间: 2009-12-25 13:30     标题: 名词性wh-从句

1)由wh-词引导的名词从句叫做名词性wh-从句。Wh-词包括who, whom,. whose, whoever, what, whatever, which, whichever等连接代词和where, when, how, why等连接副词。Wh-从句的语法功能除了和that-从句一样外,还可充当介词宾语、宾语补语和间接宾语等,例如:

主语: How the book will sell depends on its author. 书销售如何取决于作者本人。

直接宾语:In one's own home one can do what one likes. 在自己家里可以随心所欲。

间接宾语:The club will give whoever wins a prize. 

表语: My question is who will take over president of the Foundation. 我的问题是谁将接任该基金会主席职位。

宾语补足语:She will name him whatever she wants to. 她高兴给他起什么名字就取什么名字。

同位语:  I have no idea when he will return. 

形容词宾语:I'm not sure why she refused their invitation.  我尚不能肯定她为什么拒绝他们的邀请。

介词宾语: That depends on where we shall go. 

 It is not yet decided who will do that job. 
 It remains unknown when they are going to get married.  他们何时结婚依然不明。

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