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标题: 表原因关系 [打印本页]

作者: x-ace    时间: 2009-12-25 13:42     标题: 表原因关系

1) for
  (错) For he is ill, he is absent today.
  (对) He is absent today, for he is ill.

2) so, therefore
  He hurt his leg, so he couldn't play in the game.

  a. 两个并列连词不能连用,但therefore, then, yet.可以和并列连词连用。
   You can watch TV, and or you can go to bed.
   He hurt his leg, and so / and therefore he couldn't play in the game.

  b. although… yet…,但although不与 but连用。
   (错) Although he was weak, but he tried his best to do the work..
   (对) Although he was weak, yet he tried his best to do the work.
作者: zhycomeon    时间: 2010-1-21 12:16

very good
作者: SUPPLY    时间: 2010-2-19 17:15

since 可以表原因吗?
作者: tingroom    时间: 2010-2-20 10:04

since 可以表原因吗?
SUPPLY 发表于 2010-2-19 05:15 PM

yes,it can

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