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标题: 情态动词的语法特征 [打印本页]

作者: x-ace    时间: 2009-12-25 13:43     标题: 情态动词的语法特征

 1) 情态动词不能表示正在发生或已经发生的事情,只表示期待或估计某事的发生。
 2) 情态动词 除ought 和have 外,后面只能接不带to 的不定式。
 3) 情态动词没有人称,数的变化,即情态动词第三人称单数不加-s。
 4) 情态动词没有非谓语形式,即没有不定式,分词,等形式。
作者: zhycomeon    时间: 2010-1-21 12:29

If  some examples are given  , it would be great
作者: halo    时间: 2010-1-21 13:18

hello,zhycomeon,we will take your advice into consideration,and now I think you can list some example by yourself to practice what you learned.
2# zhycomeon
作者: kkdashe    时间: 2010-1-31 21:39

1.She must / may / might / could arrive before 5.
2.We used to grow beautiful roses.
   I asked if he would come and repair my television set.
3.She dare not say what she thinks.
   They need not have been punished so severely.
4.Still, she needn't have run away.
  You should have washed the wound.
  Well, you shouldn't be reading a novel.
作者: hwkenan    时间: 2010-9-16 18:32


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