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标题: 情态动词的回答方式 [打印本页]

作者: x-ace    时间: 2009-12-25 13:48     标题: 情态动词的回答方式

   问句   肯定回答    否定回答
Need you…?  Yes, I must.   No,I needn't
Must you…?           /don't have to.

1)---Could I borrow your dictionary?
  ---Yes, of course, you____. 
  A. might B. will  C. can  D. should
  答案C.could表示委婉的语气,并不为时态。答语中of course,表示肯定的语气,允许某人做某事时,用can和 may来表达,不能用could或might。复习: will 与you连用,用来提出要求或下命令。should与you 连用,用来提出劝告。

2)---Shall I tell John about it?
  ---No, you ___. I've told him already.  
  A. needn't  B. wouldn't  C. mustn't  D. shouldn't
  答案A。needn't 不必,不用。 wouldn't 将不, 不会的。 mustn't 禁止、不能。 shouldn't 不应该。本题为不需要,不必的意思,应用needn't。

3)---Don't forget to come to my birthday party tomorrow.
  A. I don't  B. I won't  C. I can't D. I haven't
  答案B. will既可当作情态动词,表请求、建议、也可作为实义动词表"意愿、意志、决心",本题表示决心,选B。

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