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标题: 快看看你躺枪了吗?最全搞笑中式英语大集合 [打印本页]

作者: sophy_5288    时间: 2015-2-5 14:31     标题: 快看看你躺枪了吗?最全搞笑中式英语大集合

  1.we two who and who? 咱俩谁跟谁阿 are you ? how old are you? 怎么是你,怎么老是你? don’t bird me,I don’t bird you 你不鸟我,我也不鸟你 have seed ,I will give you some color to see see 你有种,我要给你点颜色看看
  5.Government abuse chicken 宫暴鸡丁
  6.At KFC, We do Chichen Right 在肯德基,我们做鸡是对的
  7.You Give Me Stop! 你给我站住!
  8.Chop the strange fish 生鱼块 sister 表妹
  10.take iron coffee 拿铁咖啡
  11.American Chinese not enough 美中不足
  12.Where cool where you stay!哪凉快上哪呆着
  13.heart flower angry open 心花怒放
  14.colour wolf 色狼
  15.dry goods 干货
  16.want money no; want life one! 要钱没有,要命一条
  17.People mountain and people sea. 人山人海 have two down son。 你有两下子。
  19.let the horse come on 放马过来
  20.I give you face you don’t wanna face 给你脸你不要脸 face know me 红颜知己 up eight down 七上八下 three no four 不三不四 morning *** 做早操;do class between *** 做课间操 try try see!你试试看! who who 爱谁谁
  27.look through autumn water 望穿秋水
  28.go you mother's 去你妈
  29.May I borrow your light? 借光
  30.Handsome Year, Morning Die 英年早逝
  31.dragon born dragon,chicken born chicken,mouse’son can make hole!龙生龙,凤生凤,老鼠的儿子会打洞
  32.morning three night four 朝三暮四
  33.king eight eggs 王八蛋 care three seven twenty one 不管三七二十一
  35.go and look 走着瞧
  36.poor light egg 穷光蛋 snow clever 冰雪聪明
  38.first see you,i **** love you 第一次见你,我便爱上了你 horse tiger tiger 马马虎虎 money no talk 没钱免谈
  41.hello everybody! if you have something to say,then say!if you have nothing to say,go home!! 有事起奏,无事退朝 me you me 彼此彼此
  43.know is know, noknow is noknow 知之为知之,不知为不知... sisiter 表妹
  45.American Chinese not enough 美中不足 car come one car go ,two car pengpeng,people die 车祸现场描述
  47.go past no mistake past 走过路过,不要错过
  48.小明:I am sorry! 老外:I am sorry too!
  小明:I am sorry three! 老外:What are you sorry for?
  小明:I am sorry five!
  49.If you want money,I have no; if you want life,I have one!
  50.I call Li old big. toyear 25. 我叫李老大,今年25。 have two down son。你有两下子
  52. dry mother 干妈
  英文:Please No Conversation, No Saliva
  英文:For the sake of everyone's enjoyment, please do pick the flowers
  英文:To abuse plastic bag, please pay money each 2 dollar
  英文:Poisonous & Evil Rubbish
  英文:Give me your love, and I will make you peel at home
  英文:Please Keep chair on position & Keep table cleaned after dying. Thanks for your corporation.
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you have two down son

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