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标题: It's me ,anna [打印本页]

作者: 麦穗心    时间: 2010-7-17 21:45     标题: It's me ,anna

so glad to meet all of you here, my name is anna, acturally my friends always call me Nana in chinese, I am a  junior  in Chongqing medical university , and actually my hometown is in Hunan province.
     my major is preventive medicine,have you ever hear about that ,okay,it's not means the injection of some immune medicine,it's just means pretect one from the disease by all sides.I love my major and I am going to get the master's degree after my graduation,and then I may work in Hunan .but everything is changing.who knows, yes?
    oh,say something about myslef,I am a sunny girl, and I love music, every kind of music. also ,I love phycology,what's more,I kown a lot about your health care, if you friends have some problems, may be I can give a hand.
   some more to say after we kown each other??
作者: KingG0101    时间: 2010-7-21 18:26

很高兴在这里认识大家,我的名字叫安娜, 我的朋友也叫我娜娜。我是重庆医科大学大三的学生,我的家乡在湖南省。
作者: Raul    时间: 2010-10-4 17:25

yes, from your picture and what you said, i think you are an outgoing girl. it is a good decision to get the master's degree after your graduation. come up! and good luck to you!
作者: float    时间: 2010-10-25 11:35

Nice to meet you,i like you.hope we can become friend.
作者: 6956677    时间: 2010-10-26 13:46

I am  so gald  to  meet  you heer,I hope we can become major animal medical,but my  postgraduate  major is zoonosis,so we have many common interedsting!!!!!
作者: areyouready    时间: 2010-10-27 00:18

回复 5# 6956677

    your wish will come true!
作者: buterhui    时间: 2010-10-27 22:09

hi,Nice to meet you!you are a outgoing girl.i like you!
i think it's my pleasure to make friend with you!
作者: 小致    时间: 2013-5-18 13:02

Is well written, want to learn a lot from you
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