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标题: 六级练习2016.01.18 [打印本页]

作者: Rebecca949    时间: 2016-1-20 09:30     标题: 六级练习2016.01.18


Language is the road map of a culture.It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.(1)__________________________________________.One word can illustrate this idea of meaning in flux: "revolution".The word entered English in the 14th century from the Latin via French."Revolution" means a turning around;that was how it was used.(2)__________________________________________________.The word carried no political meaning."Revolution" did not acquire a political meaning in English until at least the 16th century.Its meaning-a circular movement-was still tied to its origin but had spilled over into politics.It could now mean a turn about in power.This is more complicated than you might think.By 1796, a shift occurred and "revolution" had come to meanthe rebellion or overthrow of tyrants.So we had the American Revolution,which discarded George III out of the Colonies,and the French Revolution,which gave us the murder of Louis XVI and the scene of a nation devouring itself.(3)___________________________________________________________.By the time "Revolution" was developing into the word we know today-not just the overthrow of a tyrantbut action based on belief in a new principle.Revolution become a political idea, not just a political act.


作者: oralex    时间: 2016-11-10 12:41

As study of the English language rewiew the maginery and astonishing creativity.
Most often revolution was ply to astronomy to describe of plan revel in space.
If you are mawes,you can recase that to mean one class destroy another.

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