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It may look like all fun and games,but the American International Toy Fair is strictly business—buyers, exhibitors and collectors who attended the 100th American International Toy Fair,February 16~19, got a look at more than 1,000 displays and the hottest items to put under next season’s Christmas tree.(1)_______________________________________.Toy sales are down after years on the rise,with consumers spending US $20.3 billion on toys in 2002,down slightly from US $20.5 billion in 2001,according to NPD Group, a US market information company.“Toys are a fairly recession proof category,”said Reyne Rice of NPD.“People still buy for their kids even if they give something up for themselves.”At the first Toy Fair in New York, in 1903,fewer than 10 toy companies took part.By 1925, (2)_______________________________.Now, there are about 1,350 companies exhibiting in New York with as many as 20,000 buyers.Everyone, from US No.1 toy manufacturer Mattel to tiny entrepreneurs,comes to show their products.Candidates for the “Next Big Thing ”include Barbie of Swan Lake,a poster-thin telephone to hang on the wall, and a battery-operated dog.(3)________________________________________________.“It is basically a no growth business with high concentration among a few retailers and manufacturers, ”said an analyst.“It is hard for small companies to get in there and it is hard for big companies to grow.”


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The toys in the tree is herding for the weekcomerny and for the possible US wall was rack.Cometation for vidio game and retail price wars.
The number of  exhibitors has gone more than 700.
Toys are supposed to be found but no one industry is lasting.

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