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作者: Rebecca949    时间: 2016-2-4 10:34     标题: 六级练习2016.02.01


Although one might not think so from some of the criticism of it,advertising is essential to the kind of society in the United Kingdom,and a very considerable proportion of the world at large. Advertising is necessary as a means of communicating with others,of telling them about the goods and services that are offered,and of which most of them would never get to hear at all if it were not for advertising.(1)______________________________.In talking about advertising,one should not think only in terms of a commercial on television,or an advertisement in the newspapers.After all, the roots of advertising are to be found in the market place.(2)_________________________. It is only more recently that it has become increasingly understood that the production of goods is a waste of resources unless those goods can be sold at a fair price.In the competitive society in which we live,it is essential that we go out and sell what we have to offer,and advertising plays an important role in this respect,whether selling at home or in export markets.(3)_____________________________________________.But it must not be thought that this advertising tries to sell goods to consumers who do not want them.Of course, advertising does try to attract the interest of the potential consumer, but if the article when purchased does not match up to the standards that the advertising suggests that it will,it is obviously unlikely that the article will sell well.


作者: oralex    时间: 2016-11-7 10:35

And advertising hopes a great deal to promote a rising standard of living.
For many years,it was thought that it was enough to produce goods and supply services.
Approximately 2% of the UK growth national products is spent on advertising.

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