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标题: 六级练习2016.02.05 [打印本页]

作者: Rebecca949    时间: 2016-2-14 09:58     标题: 六级练习2016.02.05


This story happens on a campus in the United States.One day, it was the beginning of a history class.(1)____________________________.The teacher greeted the class and said,“Let’s begin our lesson by reviewing some American history.Who said, ‘Give me liberty, or give me death’?”She saw her pupils lower their heads except the new student.He raised his hand and answered, “Patrick Henry, 1775.”“Very good. Now,” said the teacher,“(2)_______________________?”Again, she looked around and only saw her students lower their heads and dare not look at her.No response except from the new student.He answered, “Abraham Lincoln, 1863.”The teacher spoke to the class in an angry voice.“You should be feeling ashamed.A Japanese student who is new to our country knows much more about it than you do.”(3)_______________________________. “Damned Japanese.”“Who said that?” this time the teacher asked angrily.The new student raised his hand again.“Lee Iacocca, 1982.” He said.


作者: oralex    时间: 2016-11-4 11:16

A new student who was the son of a rich Japanese business man entered fifth gree.
Who is said "government are of people,by the people  ,for the people shall not parish from the earth? "and when did it said?
As she turned back to write something on the blackboard,she heard a loud whisper from the class

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