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标题: 六级练习2016.02.11 [打印本页]

作者: Rebecca949    时间: 2016-2-18 09:37     标题: 六级练习2016.02.11


(1)__________________________________________________.The dream usually comes from guilt, worry, nervousness, etc.The classic sleepwalker is Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth. Her nightly wanderings were caused by her guilty conscience at having committed murder.Shakespeare said of her, “The eyes are open but their sense is shut”.The age-long question is:Is the sleepwalker actually awake or asleep? Scientists have decided that he is about half-and-half. Like Lady Macbeth, she has weighty problems on her mind. Dr Zelda Teplitz, who made a ten-year study of the subject,says that some people stay awake all night worrying about their problems.The sleepwalker overcomes them in his sleep.(2)___________________________________________________.There are many mistaken beliefs about sleepwalkers. One of the most is the idea that it is dangerous or even fatal to waken a sleepwalker suddenly. Experts say that the shock suffered by a sleepwalker suddenly awakened is no greater than that suffered in waking up to the noise of an alarm clock.Another mistaken belief is that sleepwalkers are free from injury.(3)______________________________________________________.


作者: oralex    时间: 2016-11-1 10:59

The symphosis formation of sleepwalking is that it is the acting out of vivid dream.
He is the way can musle area,partially asleep,move around and does other things,but he does not think about what he is doing.
Actually most sleepwalkers trip over rocks or bump their heads on the door one time or another.

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