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标题: 四级练习2016.08.12 [打印本页]

作者: Rebecca949    时间: 2016-8-29 10:43     标题: 四级练习2016.08.12


Weeks ago I witnessed the quarrel between my two roommates.(1)_______________________ just for a very trifling matter. It was in the morning at weekend when I was washing my face in the bathroom. Suddenly I heard Ann and Sue shouting at each other. I hurried to come out to see what happened. It turned out that the noise of Sue’s closing the door waked Ann, whose bed is just beside the door. (2)____________________. Sue didn’t have made her fault and said Ann was making trouble out of nothing. So their argument became ambits of quarrel. Though later they stopped quarreling under our persuasion, neither of them would like apologize to the other.
(3)_________________________________ If either Ann or Sue can be a little tolerant or take a better way to express herself, this quarrel, I think, can be avoided easily. It is no doubt that a harmony dormitory life benefits all the members. But it needs our common efforts to build it.


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