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标题: 四级练习2016.08.31 [打印本页]

作者: Rebecca949    时间: 2016-9-1 11:08     标题: 四级练习2016.08.31


A smartly dressed man entered a famous jewelry shop one day.He explained that he wished to buy a pearl for his wife's birthday.(1)_________________________________. After examining a number of beautiful and expensive pearls,he chose an excellent black one that cost$5,000.He paid for the pearl in cash and left.
A few days later the man returned and said that his wife had likedthe pearl so much that she wanted another one just like it.It had to be exactly the same."Can you possibly give me any advice on how to get such a pearl?" asked the man.The jeweler regretfully replied,"I would say it's almost impossible to find one like that pearl."The millionaire insisted that the jeweler advertise in the newspaper,and offered  $25,000 for the matching pearl.Many people answered the ad,but (2)_____________________________,a little old lady came into the store.To his amazement, she pulled the perfect pearl from her hand bag."I don't like to part with it," she said sadly."I inherited it from my mother,and my mother inherited it from hers.But I really need the money."The jeweler was quick to pay the old woman before she changed her mind. (3)______________________.The millionaire, however, was nowhere to be found.


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the pearl did not match

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