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标题: 四级练习2016.09.04 [打印本页]

作者: Rebecca949    时间: 2016-9-5 15:45     标题: 四级练习2016.09.04


Thank you all for coming today to hear about new recycling program on campus.
(1)______________________.The first part—sorting is the hardest to get people to do.Most people don't like to take the time to separate their trashand this is usually where most recycling programs fail.However we are determined to make our work.Instead of seeing the usual brown trash cans all over campus,from now on you'll see four different colors of trash cans.Pink trash cans are for paper,green cans are for glass, brown ones are for metal,and (2)___________________; green glass; brown metal, and white waste.
After the trash is sorted it needs to be collectedand then distributed to the correct recycling facilities.That's where all of you come in.Since this program is still a volunteer program,we are asking students to give a little of their time to the project probably no more than six hours per person each week,and again your job would be to collect sorted trashand take it to the program by giving six hours a week, (3)__________________________


作者: longyuan    时间: 2016-10-10 17:15

three recycling with three part program,sorting,collecting and distributed
white ones for all the other waste just remember pink paper
please write your name and phone NO. on his new pack
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