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标题: [英语评论]担心“周末效应”吗? [打印本页]

作者: kobe    时间: 2016-9-9 08:37     标题: [英语评论]担心“周末效应”吗?


Research from UCL shows that people who are admitted to hospitals at the weekend fair less well than those who arrive during the week.

In healthcare, the weekend effect is the finding of a difference in mortality rate for patients admitted to hospital for treatment at the weekend compared to those admitted on a weekday.

At least some of the previous explanations from researchers for the “weekend effect” are related to lower staffing levels (nurses), fewer available specialists, as well as lack of readily available imaging and so-called interventional-type services offered during a typical “work” day from 9-5.

It turns out that the increased risk of death after being admitted to hospital over the weekend–coined the “weekend effect”–is actually seen in many developed countries’ hospital systems, including the UK, US and Australia, as well as the Netherlands.

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