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标题: 雅思口语Part2话题:你收到的最好的礼物 [打印本页]

作者: ivytony    时间: 2016-10-21 11:17     标题: 雅思口语Part2话题:你收到的最好的礼物

Describe the best present/gift you have received :

i. Who send it? What is the gift? What is it for?

ii. When did you receive it?

iii. Detail information about the present.

Last year , my wife celebrated my birthday at home. She bought me an electronic dictionary as birthday gift. I like the electronic dictionary very much. It’s blue and quite small. It fits into my pocket. I remember at that time, my wife said to me :"she decided to immigrate to Canada with me. In future, we must study very hard .And she hoped that the electronic dictionary could help me to improve my English." On that day, I was very happy because my wife agreed to immigrate to Canada finally. Also, with the help of the electronic dictionary , I made such rapid progress that before long I began to write articles in English.


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