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标题: 双语:英国女王招募大厨 包吃包住工资还高 [打印本页]

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  If you've ever wanted to live at Buckingham Palace, now's your chance: The Queen is hiring a chef, and the position comes with live-in accommodations.


  You not only can prepare meals for the British monarch , but you can live in her house while doing so.


  The position, which is being advertised on the royal family's website, is the “Demi Chef de Partie,” which means that you'd be assisting a chef that oversees a certain part of the kitchen, like the butchery or vegetables.

  这个职位的招聘信息被刊登在王室的网站上,其职务是“Demi Chef de Partie”,也就是说你将协助一位管理厨房某项工作的大厨,例如屠宰工作或蔬菜区。

  Whoever gets the job won't just preparing the royal family's everyday meals, but for major occasions too, like state dinners and other formal receptions.


  Applicants need to have “strong communication skills” and a “clear passion for food,” and though “some experience” is preferred, it “isn’t essential.” The job also will provide opportunities to travel to other royal residences and explore their kitchens, too!


  The salary for the position is £20,604.52, or $27,709.16, which may seem small until you consider the fact that the position comes with a place to live.


  Said place to live is either in one of the world's best-known residences or on royal-owned property. Plus, cooking foods that will be eaten by members of the royal family, not to mention heads of state and politicians from around the world? You can't put a dollar amount on that kind of experience.


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