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标题: 双语:从陌生人变成朋友需要花90小时 [打印本页]

作者: kobe    时间: 2018-5-6 21:31     标题: 双语:从陌生人变成朋友需要花90小时



  You probably know that adding people to your inner circle takes time, but how much time it actually takes to go from strangers to buddies has been somewhat of a mystery—until now. A new study suggests you need to spend at least 90 hours with someone before they consider you a real friend.


  The report, published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, found that it usually takes roughly 50 hours of time together to go from acquaintance to “casual friend” (think drinking buddies, or friends of friends that you see at parties); around 90 hours to become a true-to-form “friend” (you both carve out time to specifically hang out with one another); and over 200 hours to form a BFF-type bond (you feel an emotional connection with this friend).

  这份发表在“社会与个人关系杂志”上的报告发现,从“随便的朋友”(想想你在聚会上看到的喝酒伙伴或朋友的朋友)到熟人通常需要大约50个小时的时间;大约90个小时才能成为真正的 “朋友”(专注于彼此)。200多个小时形成成为真正意义上的密友(有情感联系)。

  Coworkers can be still become friends, of course, but you need to spend time together outside of the workplace for it to happen.


  So, what does knowing these numbers do for you? Well, it emphasizes an important aspect of friendship we all sometimes forget about: personal investment. Jeffrey Hall, Associate Professor of Communication Studies and lead author on the report, explains that making friends really comes down to putting the time in. As he puts it, “You can’t snap your fingers and make a friend.” Don’t hang out with someone a couple times for a few hours and expect to be “besties” already. Give the people you like your time, hope they’ll give you theirs, and stay focused on having a good time. Friendship will follow.


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