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标题: [英语试卷] 雅思考试作文范文集锦 [打印本页]

作者: shimianmaifu    时间: 2018-9-30 16:03     标题: 雅思考试作文范文集锦

1.咨询信--要求更改课程   Dear professor Moss:
    I am Sandy Lee, an undergraduate student of the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. At the beginning of this semester, I registered one of your courses, African Literature and Culture. It is a two-hour course held on every Thursday afternoon. Yesterday, I received a notice from my department that a major course, Computer Principle, would be changed to Thursday afternoon. This major course conspicuously influences my credits and it is every important to me. Unfortunately, I can not study your course this semester.


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