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标题: Welcome back and Fight again [打印本页]

作者: davis081    时间: 2019-2-6 18:26     标题: Welcome back and Fight again

I dont remember how many years it takes I haven't back here. However, today when I logged up agian and everything here seems so familiar, even though something changes. Here, it is filled with losts of memory and trace that I work hard and fight for my dreams. When I look back at those days, it is much appriciated for my consistent hard-working, NO past me, No blossoming me today. Now, I am a SOHO man who is specilized in jewelry business for over 5 years, Many thanks for my cusomter's and supplier's support along side. This summer 2019, I got invitation and will flight to USA to visit some of my customers located in East coast. It's an exciting chance for me to make my business be bigger and better.
Yes, I did, I really did it. It is not the end of my dream, but a brand new start for my carrer.
All the learners here is witness, Let's fight again for the bright and gorgeous 2019.
Thank you.
Happy New Year
作者: tingroom    时间: 2019-2-11 09:18

I wish you every success from the bottom of my heart.

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