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Thank you. I've just been so busy these days.


miss you ,where have you been these days?


'You will when you are out of the country: when you get back to Spanish Town, you may think of her as dead and buried- or rather, you need not think of her at all.'
'Impossible to forget this night!'
'It is not impossible: have some energy, man. You thought you were as dead as a herring two hours since, and you are all alive and talking now. There!- Carter has done with you or nearly so; I'll make you decent in a trice. Jane' (he turned to me for the first time since his re-entrance), 'take this key: go down into my bedroom, and walk straight forward into my dressing-room: open the top drawer of the wardrobe and take out a clean shirt and neck-handkerchief: bring them here; and be nimble.'
trice: 一刹那:一段很短暂的时间。一瞬间
nimble: 敏捷的

I went; sought the repository he had mentioned, found the articles named, and returned with them.
'Now,' said he, 'go to the other side of the bed while I order his toilet; but don't leave the room: you may be wanted again.'
repository: [英]仓库, 贮藏所[室]; 贮物器皿(如箱、柜)

I retired as directed.
'Was anybody stirring below when you went down, Jane?' inquired Mr. Rochester presently.
'No, sir; all was very still.'
'We shall get you off cannily, Dick: and it will be better, both for your sake, and for that of the poor creature in yonder. I have striven long to avoid exposure, and I should not like it to come at last. Here, Carter, help him on with his waistcoat. Where did you leave your furred cloak? You can't travel a mile without that, I know, in this damned cold climate. In your room?- Jane, run down to Mr. Mason's room,- the one next mine,- and fetch a cloak you will see there.'
canny: 小心的; 谨慎的

Again I ran, and again returned, bearing an immense mantle lined and edged with fur.
'Now, I've another errand for you,' said my untiring master; you must away to my room again. What a mercy you are shod with velvet, Jane!- a clod-hopping messenger would never do at this juncture. You must open the middle drawer of my toilet-table and take out a little phial and a little glass you will find there,- quick!'
shod: shoe的过去式及过去分词
clodhopping: 粗鲁的, 乡下佬似的
phial: 小玻璃瓶, 药瓶

I flew thither and back, bringing the desired vessels.
'That's well! Now, doctor, I shall take the liberty of administering a dose myself, on my own responsibility. I got this cordial at Rome, of an Italian charlatan- a fellow you would have kicked, Carter. It is not a thing to be used indiscriminately, but it is good upon occasion: as now, for instance. Jane, a little water.'
cordial: 兴奋剂, 兴奋性饮料
charlatan: 假内行,庸医,骗子
upon occasion: 有时; 遇必要时


The candle, wasted at last, went out; as it expired, I perceived streaks of grey light edging the window curtains: dawn was then approaching. Presently I heard Pilot bark far below, out of his distant kennel in the courtyard: hope revived. Nor was it unwarranted: in five minutes more the grating key, the yielding lock, warned me my watch was relieved. It could not have lasted more than two hours: many a week has seemed shorter.
kennel: 狗窝

Mr. Rochester entered, and with him the surgeon he had been to fetch.
'Now, Carter, be on the alert,' he said to this last: 'I give you but half an hour for dressing the wound, fastening the bandages, getting the patient downstairs and all.'
'But is he fit to move, sir?'
'No doubt of it; it is nothing serious; he is nervous, his spirits must be kept up. Come, set to work.'
Mr. Rochester drew back the thick curtain, drew up the holland blind, let in all the daylight he could; and I was surprised and cheered to see how far dawn was advanced: what rosy streaks were beginning to brighten the east. Then he approached Mason, whom the surgeon was already handling.
'Now, my good fellow, how are you?' he asked.
'She's done for me, I fear,' was the faint reply.
'Not a whit!- courage! This day fortnight you'll hardly be a pin the worse of it: you've lost a little blood; that's all. Carter, assure him there's no danger.'
'I can do that conscientiously,' said Carter, who had now undone the bandages; 'only I wish I could have got here sooner: he would not have bled so much- but how is this? The flesh on the shoulder is torn as well as cut. This wound was not done with a knife: there have been teeth here!'
'She bit me,' he murmured. 'She worried me like a tigress, when Rochester got the knife from her.'
'You should not have yielded: you should have grappled with her at once,' said Mr. Rochester.
'But under such circumstances, what could one do?' returned Mason. 'Oh, it was frightful!' he added, shuddering. 'And I did not expect it: she looked so quiet at first.'
'I warned you,' was his friend's answer; 'I said- be on your guard when you go near her. Besides, you might have waited till to-morrow, and had me with you: it was mere folly to attempt the interview to-night, and alone.'
'I thought I could have done some good.'
'You thought! you thought! Yes, it makes me impatient to hear you: but, however, you have suffered, and are likely to suffer enough for not taking my advice; so I'll say no more. Carter- hurry!- hurry! The sun will soon rise, and I must have him off.'
'Directly, sir; the shoulder is just bandaged. I must look to this other wound in the arm: she has had her teeth here too, I think.'
'She sucked the blood: she said she'd drain my heart,' said Mason.
I saw Mr. Rochester shudder: a singularly marked expression of disgust, horror, hatred, warped his countenance almost to distortion, but he only said-
warp: 扭曲

'Come, be silent, Richard, and never mind her gibberish: don't repeat it.'
'I wish I could forget it,' was the answer.
gibberish: 快速而不清楚的言语, 乱语


Amidst all this, I had to listen as well as watch: to listen for the movements of the wild beast or the fiend in yonder side den. But since Mr. Rochester's visit it seemed spellbound: all the night I heard but three sounds at three long intervals,- a step creak, a momentary renewal of the snarling, canine noise, and a deep human groan.
spellbound: 被咒语所镇住的

Then my own thoughts worried me. What crime was this, that lived incarnate in this sequestered mansion, and could neither be expelled nor subdued by the owner?- what mystery, that broke out now in fire and now in blood, at the deadest hours of night? What creature was it, that, masked in an ordinary woman's face and shape, uttered the voice, now of a mocking demon, and anon of a carrion-seeking bird of prey?
incarnate: 化身的; 人体化的; 实体化的
sequestered: 退隐的; 孤独的; 僻静的
dead hours: 半夜三更, 夜深人静
carrion: 死肉, 腐肉
bird of prey: [动]食肉鸟, 猛禽

And this man I bent over- this commonplace, quiet stranger- how had he become involved in the web of horror? and why had the Fury flown at him? What made him seek this quarter of the house at an untimely season, when he should have been asleep in bed? I had heard Mr. Rochester assign him an apartment below- what brought him here? And why, now, was he so tame under the violence or treachery done him? Why did he so quietly submit to the concealment Mr. Rochester enforced? Why did Mr. Rochester enforce this concealment? His guest had been outraged, his own life on a former occasion had been hideously plotted against; and both attempts he smothered in secrecy and sank in oblivion! Lastly, I saw Mr. Mason was submissive to Mr. Rochester; that the impetuous will of the latter held complete sway over the inertness of the former: the few words which had passed between them assured me of this. It was evident that in their former intercourse, the passive disposition of the one had been habitually influenced by the active energy of the other: whence then had arisen Mr. Rochester's dismay when he heard of Mr. Mason's arrival? Why had the mere name of this unresisting individual- whom his word now sufficed to control like a child- fallen on him, a few hours since, as a thunderbolt might fall on an oak?
oblivion: 遗忘, 湮没, 赦免
impetuous: 冲动的, 猛烈的, 激烈的
inertness: 不活泼, 没有生气

Oh! I could not forget his look and his paleness when he whispered: 'Jane, I have got a blow- I have got a blow, Jane.' I could not forget how the arm had trembled which he rested on my shoulder: and it was no light matter which could thus bow the resolute spirit and thrill the vigorous frame of Fairfax Rochester.
'When will he come? When will he come?' I cried inwardly, as the night lingered and lingered- as my bleeding patient drooped, moaned, sickened: and neither day nor aid arrived. I had, again and again, held the water to Mason's white lips; again and again offered him the stimulating salts: my efforts seemed ineffectual: either bodily or mental suffering, or loss of blood, or all three combined, were fast prostrating his strength. He moaned so, and looked so weak, wild, and lost, I feared he was dying; and I might not even speak to him.
prostrate: 弄倒, 使屈服


Again the poor man groaned; he looked as if he dared not move; fear, either of death or of something else, appeared almost to paralyse him. Mr. Rochester put the now bloody sponge into my hand, and I proceeded to use it as he had done. He watched me a second, then saying, 'Remember!- No conversation,' he left the room. I experienced a strange feeling as the key grated in the lock, and the sound of his retreating step ceased to be heard.
Here then I was in the third storey, fastened into one of its mystic cells; night around me; a pale and bloody spectacle under my eyes and hands; a murderess hardly separated from me by a single door: yes- that was appalling- the rest I could bear; but I shuddered at the thought of Grace Poole bursting out upon me.
I must keep to my post, however. I must watch this ghastly countenance- these blue, still lips forbidden to unclose- these eyes now shut, now opening, now wandering through the room, now fixing on me, and ever glazed with the dullness of horror. I must dip my hand again and again in the basin of blood and water, and wipe away the trickling gore. I must see the light of the unsnuffed candle wane on my employment; the shadows darken on the wrought, antique tapestry round me, and grow black under the hangings of the vast old bed, and quiver strangely over the doors of a great cabinet opposite- whose front, divided into twelve panels, bore, in grim design, the heads of the twelve apostles, each enclosed in its separate panel as in a frame; while above them at the top rose an ebon crucifix and a dying Christ.
gore: 血,特指伤口上已凝结的血
Twelve Apostles: [宗]耶稣之十二信徒
crucifix: 苦像(耶稣钉于十字架的像), 十字架

According as the shifting obscurity and flickering gleam hovered here or glanced there, it was now the bearded physician, Luke, that bent his brow; now St. John's long hair that waved; and anon the devilish face of Judas, that grew out of the panel, and seemed gathering life and threatening a revelation of the arch-traitor- of Satan himself- in his subordinate's form.
anon: 不久, 立刻, 之后
arch: 主要的;首要的


And dangerous he looked: his black eyes darted sparks. Calming himself by an effort, he added-
'A servant has had the nightmare; that is all. She's an excitable, nervous person: she construed her dream into an apparition, or something of that sort, no doubt; and has taken a fit with fright. Now, then, I must see you all back into your rooms; for, till the house is settled, she cannot be looked after. Gentlemen, have the goodness to set the ladies the example. Miss Ingram, I am sure you will not fail in evincing superiority to idle terrors. Amy and Louisa, return to your nests like a pair of doves, as you are. Mesdames' (to the dowagers), 'you will take cold to a dead certainty, if you stay in this chill gallery any longer.'
construe: 解释; 推论; 把...认作
apparition: 离奇出现的东西, (尤指)鬼怪, 幽灵, 幻影
to a certainty: 一定, 必然

And so, by dint of alternate coaxing and commanding, he contrived to get them all once more enclosed in their separate dormitories. I did not wait to be ordered back to mine, but retreated unnoticed, as unnoticed I had left it.
by dint of: 凭...的力量, 靠, 凭借

Not, however, to go to bed: on the contrary, I began and dressed myself carefully. The sounds I had heard after the scream, and the words that had been uttered, had probably been heard only by me; for they had proceeded from the room above mine: but they assured me that it was not a servant's dream which had thus struck horror through the house; and that the explanation Mr. Rochester had given was merely an invention framed to pacify his guests. I dressed, then, to be ready for emergencies. When dressed, I sat a long time by the window looking out over the silent grounds and silvered fields and waiting for I knew not what. It seemed to me that some event must follow the strange cry, struggle, and call.
proceed from: 出于, 来自, 发生于

No: stillness returned: each murmur and movement ceased gradually, and in about an hour Thornfield Hall was again as hushed as a desert. It seemed that sleep and night had resumed their empire. Meantime the moon declined: she was about to set. Not liking to sit in the cold and darkness, I thought I would lie down on my bed, dressed as I was. I left the window, and moved with little noise across the carpet; as I stooped to take off my shoes, a cautious hand tapped low at the door.
'Am I wanted?' I asked.
'Are you up?' asked the voice I expected to hear, namely, my master's.
'Yes, sir.'
'And dressed?'
'Come out, then, quietly.'
I obeyed. Mr. Rochester stood in the gallery holding a light.
'I want you,' he said: 'come this way: take your time, and make no noise.'
My slippers were thin: I could walk the matted floor as softly as a cat. He glided up the gallery and up the stairs, and stopped in the dark, low corridor of the fateful third storey: I had followed and stood at his side.
'Have you a sponge in your room?' he asked in a whisper.
'Yes, sir.'
'Have you any salts- volatile salts?'
'Go back and fetch both.'
volatile: 易挥发的

I returned, sought the sponge on the washstand, the salts in my drawer, and once more retraced my steps. He still waited; he held a key in his hand: approaching one of the small, black doors, he put it in the lock; he paused, and addressed me again.
'You don't turn sick at the sight of blood?'
'I think I shall not: I have never been tried yet.'
I felt a thrill while I answered him; but no coldness, and no faintness.
'Just give me your hand,' he said: 'it will not do to risk a fainting fit.'
fainting fit: 晕厥

I put my fingers into his. 'Warm and steady,' was his remark: he turned the key and opened the door.
I saw a room I remembered to have seen before, the day Mrs. Fairfax showed me over the house: it was hung with tapestry; but the tapestry was now looped up in one part, and there was a door apparent, which had then been concealed. This door was open; a light shone out of the room within: I heard thence a snarling, snatching sound, almost like a dog quarrelling. Mr. Rochester, putting down his candle, said to me, 'Wait a minute,' and he went forward to the inner apartment. A shout of laughter greeted his entrance; noisy at first, and terminating in Grace Poole's own goblin ha! ha! She then was there. He made some sort of arrangement without speaking, though I heard a low voice address him: he came out and closed the door behind him.
tapestry: 织锦, 挂毯
snarl: 咆哮, 怒骂

'Here, Jane!' he said; and I walked round to the other side of a large bed, which with its drawn curtains concealed a considerable portion of the chamber. An easy-chair was near the bed-head: a man sat in it, dressed with the exception of his coat; he was still; his head leant back; his eyes were closed. Mr. Rochester held the candle over him; I recognised in his pale and seemingly lifeless face- the stranger, Mason: I saw too that his linen on one side and one arm, was almost soaked in blood.
'Hold the candle,' said Mr. Rochester, and I took it: he fetched a basin of water from the washstand: 'Hold that,' said he. I obeyed. He took the sponge, dipped it in, and moistened the corpse-like face; he asked for my smelling-bottle, and applied it to the nostrils. Mr. Mason shortly unclosed his eyes; he groaned. Mr. Rochester opened the shirt of the wounded man, whose arm and shoulder were bandaged: he sponged away blood, trickling fast down.
smelling bottle: 嗅盐瓶

'Is there immediate danger?' murmured Mr. Mason.
'Pooh! No- a mere scratch. Don't be so overcome, man: bear up! I'll fetch a surgeon for you now, myself: you'll be able to be removed by morning, I hope. Jane,' he continued.
'I shall have to leave you in this room with this gentleman, for an hour, or perhaps two hours: you will sponge the blood as I do when it returns: if he feels faint, you will put the glass of water on that stand to his lips, and your salts to his nose. You will not speak to him on any pretext- and- Richard, it will be at the peril of your life if you speak to her: open your lips- agitate yourself- and I'll not answer for the consequences.'
pretext: 借口, 托辞
answer for the consequences: 对后果负责


Chapter 20

I HAD forgotten to draw my curtain, which I usually did, and also to let down my window-blind. The consequence was, that when the moon, which was full and bright (for the night was fine), came in her course to that space in the sky opposite my casement, and looked in at me through the unveiled panes, her glorious gaze roused me. Awaking in the dead of night, I opened my eyes on her disk- silver-white and crystal clear. It was beautiful, but too solemn: I half rose, and stretched my arm to draw the curtain.
Good God! What a cry!
The night- its silence- its rest, was rent in twain by a savage, a sharp, a shrilly sound that ran from end to end of Thornfield Hall.
rend: 撕碎
twain: 两, 双, 二, 一对

My pulse stopped: my heart stood still; my stretched arm was paralysed. The cry died, and was not renewed. Indeed, whatever being uttered that fearful shriek could not soon repeat it: not the widest-winged condor on the Andes could, twice in succession, send out such a yell from the cloud shrouding his eyrie. The thing delivering such utterance must rest ere it could repeat the effort.
condor: [动]秃鹰, 秃鹫
eyrie: (=aerie)(鹰等的)巢, 高山住屋(或城堡)

It came out of the third storey; for it passed overhead. And overhead- yes, in the room just above my chamber-ceiling- I now heard a struggle: a deadly one it seemed from the noise; and a half-smothered voice shouted-
'Help! help! help!' three times rapidly.
'Will no one come?' it cried; and then, while the staggering and stamping went on wildly, I distinguished through plank and plaster:-
'Rochester! Rochester! for God's sake, come!'
A chamber-door opened: some one ran, or rushed, along the gallery. Another step stamped on the flooring above and something fell; and there was silence.
I had put on some clothes, though horror shook all my limbs; I issued from my apartment. The sleepers were all aroused: ejaculations, terrified murmurs sounded in every room; door after door unclosed; one looked out and another looked out; the gallery filled. Gentlemen and ladies alike had quitted their beds; and 'Oh! what is it?'- 'Who is hurt?'- 'What has happened?'- 'Fetch a light!'- 'Is it fire?'- 'Are there robbers?'- 'Where shall we run?' was demanded confusedly on all hands. But for the moon-light they would have been in complete darkness. They ran to and fro; they crowded together: some sobbed, some stumbled: the confusion was inextricable.
'Where the devil is Rochester?' cried Colonel Dent. 'I cannot find him in his bed.'
'Here! here!' was shouted in return. 'Be composed, all of you: I'm coming.'
And the door at the end of the gallery opened, and Mr. Rochester advanced with a candle: he had just descended from the upper storey. One of the ladies ran to him directly; she seized his arm: it was Miss Ingram.
'What awful event has taken place?' said she. 'Speak! let us know the worst at once!'
'But don't pull me down or strangle me,' he replied: for the Misses Eshton were clinging about him now; and the two dowagers, in vast white wrappers, were bearing down on him like ships in full sail.
'All's right!- all's right!' he cried. 'It's a mere rehearsal of Much Ado about Nothing. Ladies, keep off, or I shall wax dangerous.'
much ado about nothing: 无事空忙; 小题大作; 庸人自扰
wax: 变成


'Well, Jane, do you know me?' asked the familiar voice.
'Only take off the red cloak, sir, and then-'
'But the string is in a knot- help me.'
'Break it, sir.'
'There, then- "Off, ye lendings!"' And Mr. Rochester stepped out of his disguise.
'Now, sir, what a strange idea!'
'But well carried out, eh? Don't you think so?'
'With the ladies you must have managed well.'
'But not with you?'
'You did not act the character of a gipsy with me.'
'What character did I act? My own?'
'No; some unaccountable one. In short, I believe you have been trying to draw me out- or in; you have been talking nonsense to make me talk nonsense. It is scarcely fair, sir.'
'Do you forgive me, Jane?'
'I cannot tell till I have thought it all over. If, on reflection, I find I have fallen into no great absurdity, I shall try to forgive you; but it was not right.'
'Oh, you have been very correct- very careful, very sensible.'
I reflected, and thought, on the whole, I had. It was a comfort; but, indeed, I had been on my guard almost from the beginning of the interview. Something of masquerade I suspected. I knew gipsies and fortune-tellers did not express themselves as this seeming old woman had expressed herself; besides I had noted her feigned voice, her anxiety to conceal her features. But my mind had been running on Grace Poole- that living enigma, that mystery of mysteries, as I considered her. I had never thought of Mr. Rochester.
masquerade: 假面舞会
feigned: 假的, 伪装, 做作的, 捏造的
enigma: 谜, 不可思议的东西

'Well,' said he, 'what are you musing about? What does that grave smile signify?'
'Wonder and self-congratulation, sir. I have your permission to retire now, I suppose?'
Self-congratulation: 沾沾自喜

'No; stay a moment; and tell me what the people in the drawing-room yonder are doing.'
'Discussing the gipsy, I daresay.'
'Sit down!- Let me hear what they said about me.'
'I had better not stay long, sir; it must be near eleven o'clock. Oh, are you aware, Mr. Rochester, that a stranger has arrived here since you left this morning?'
'A stranger!- no; who can it be? I expected no one; is he gone?'
'No; he said he had known you long, and that he could take the liberty of installing himself here till you returned.'
'The devil he did! Did he give his name?'
'His name is Mason, sir; and he comes from the West Indies; from Spanish Town, in Jamaica, I think.'
Mr. Rochester was standing near me; he had taken my hand, as if to lead me to a chair. As I spoke he gave my wrist a convulsive grip; the smile on his lips froze: apparently a spasm caught his breath.
'Mason!- the West Indies!' he said, in the tone one might fancy a speaking automaton to enounce its single words; 'Mason!- the West Indies!' he reiterated; and he went over the syllables three times, growing, in the intervals of speaking, whiter than ashes: he hardly seemed to know what he was doing.
automaton: 自动机器, 机器人

'Do you feel ill, sir?' I inquired.
'Jane, I've got a blow; I've got a blow, Jane!' He staggered.
'Oh, lean on me, sir.'
'Jane, you offered me your shoulder once before; let me have it now.'
'Yes, sir, yes; and my arm.'
He sat down, and made me sit beside him. Holding my hand in both his own, he chafed it; gazing on me, at the same time, with the most troubled and dreary look.
'My little friend!' said he, 'I wish I were in a quiet island with only you; and trouble, and danger, and hideous recollections removed from me.'
'Can I help you, sir?- I'd give my life to serve you.'
'Jane, if aid is wanted, I'll seek it at your hands; I promise you that.'
'Thank you, sir. Tell me what to do,- I'll try, at least, to do it.'
'Fetch me now, Jane, a glass of wine from the dining-room: they will be at supper there; and tell me if Mason is with them, and what he is doing.'
chafe: (将皮肤等)擦热

I went. I found all the party in the dining-room at supper, as Mr. Rochester had said; they were not seated at table,- the supper was arranged on the sideboard; each had taken what he chose, and they stood about here and there in groups, their plates and glasses in their hands. Every one seemed in high glee; laughter and conversation were general and animated. Mr. Mason stood near the fire, talking to Colonel and Mrs. Dent, and appeared as merry as any of them. I filled a wine-glass (I saw Miss Ingram watch me frowningly as I did so: she thought I was taking a liberty, I daresay), and I returned to the library.
Mr. Rochester's extreme pallor had disappeared, and he looked once more firm and stern. He took the glass from my hand.
pallor: (尤指因疾病、恐惧所导致的脸色的)苍白

'Here is to your health, ministrant spirit!' he said. He swallowed the contents and returned it to me. 'What are they doing, Jane?'
'Laughing and talking, sir.'
'They don't look grave and mysterious, as if they had heard something strange?'
'Not at all: they are full of jests and gaiety.'
'And Mason?'
'He was laughing too.'
'If all these people came in a body and spat at me, what would you do, Jane?'
'Turn them out of the room, sir, if I could.'
He half smiled. 'But if I were to go to them, and they only looked at me coldly, and whispered sneeringly amongst each other, and then dropped off and left me one by one, what then? Would you go with them?'
'I rather think not, sir: I should have more pleasure in staying with you.'
'To comfort me?'
'Yes, sir, to comfort you, as well as I could.'
'And if they laid you under a ban for adhering to me?'
'I, probably, should know nothing about their ban; and if I did, I should care nothing about it.'
'Then, you could dare censure for my sake?'
'I could dare it for the sake of any friend who deserved my adherence; as you, I am sure, do.'
'Go back now into the room; step quietly up to Mason, and whisper in his ear that Mr. Rochester is come and wishes to see him: show him in here and then leave me.'
'Yes, sir.'
I did his behest. The company all stared at me as I passed straight among them. I sought Mr. Mason, delivered the message, and preceded him from the room: I ushered him into the library, and then I went upstairs.
At a late hour, after I had been in bed some time, I heard the visitors repair to their chambers: I distinguished Mr. Rochester's voice, and heard him say, 'This way, Mason; this is your room.'
He spoke cheerfully: the gay tones set my heart at ease. I was soon asleep.
ministrant: 服务的, 侍奉的, 辅佐的
sneeringly: 嘲笑地, 轻蔑地
under ban: 被禁止
censure: 责难
behest: [诗]命令, 吩咐, 要求

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'The flame flickers in the eye; the eye shines like dew; it looks soft and full of feeling; it smiles at my jargon; it is susceptible; impression follows impression through its clear sphere; where it ceases to smile, it is sad; an unconscious lassitude weighs on the lid: that signifies melancholy resulting from loneliness. It turns from me; it will not suffer further scrutiny; it seems to deny, by a mocking glance, the truth of the discoveries I have already made,- to disown the charge both of sensibility and chagrin: its pride and reserve only confirm me in my opinion. The eye is favourable.
jargon: 喋喋不休的闲谈
lassitude: 疲乏
chagrin: 懊恼, 气愤, 委屈

'As to the mouth, it delights at times in laughter; it is disposed to impart all that the brain conceives; though I daresay it would be silent on much the heart experiences. Mobile and flexible, it was never intended to be compressed in the eternal silence of solitude; it is a mouth which should speak much and smile often, and have human affection for its interlocutor. That feature too is propitious.
interlocutor: 对话者
propitious: 亲切的;和蔼的

'I see no enemy to a fortunate issue but in the brow; and that brow professes to say,- "I can live alone, if self-respect and circumstances require me so to do. I need not sell my soul to buy bliss. I have an inward treasure born with me, which can keep me alive if all extraneous delights should be withheld, or offered only at a price I cannot afford to give." The forehead declares, "Reason sits firm and holds the reins, and she will not let the feelings burst away and hurry her to wild chasms. The passions may rage furiously, like true heathens, as they are; and the desires may imagine all sorts of vain things: but judgment shall still have the last word in every argument, and the casting vote in every decision. Strong wind, earthquake-shock, and fire may pass by: but I shall follow the guiding of that still small voice which interprets the dictates of conscience."
extraneous: 无关系的, 外来的
burst away: 急速四散
heathen: 异教徒
casting vote: 决定票, 赞成与反对同票数时主席所投的票
the still small voice: 良心的呼声

'Well said, forehead; your declaration shall be respected. I have formed my plans- right plans I deem them- and in them I have attended to the claims of conscience, the counsels of reason. I know how soon youth would fade and bloom perish, if, in the cup of bliss offered, but one dreg of shame, or one flavour of remorse were detected; and I do not want sacrifice, sorrow, dissolution- such is not my taste. I wish to foster, not to blight- to earn gratitude, not to wring tears of blood- no, nor of brine: my harvest must be in smiles, in endearments, in sweet- That will do. I think I rave in a kind of exquisite delirium. I should wish now to protract this moment ad infinitum; but I dare not. So far I have governed myself thoroughly. I have acted as I inwardly swore I would act; but further might try me beyond my strength. Rise, Miss Eyre: leave me; "the play is played out."'
dreg: 渣滓, 糟粕, 沉淀物
blight: 破坏, 使枯萎
brine: [诗]泪水
endearment: 亲爱, 钟爱
delirium: 精神极度兴奋
protract: 延长
ad infinitum: 无限

Where was I? Did I wake or sleep? Had I been dreaming? Did I dream still? The old woman's voice had changed: her accent, her gesture, and all were familiar to me as my own face in a glass- as the speech of my own tongue. I got up, but did not go. I looked; I stirred the fire, and I looked again: but she drew her bonnet and her bandage closer about her face, and again beckoned me to depart. The flame illuminated her hand stretched out: roused now, and on the alert for discoveries, I at once noticed that hand. It was no more the withered limb of eld than my own; it was a rounded supple member, with smooth fingers, symmetrically turned; a broad ring flashed on the little finger, and stooping forward, I looked at it, and saw a gem I had seen a hundred times before. Again I looked at the face; which was no longer turned from me- on the contrary, the bonnet was doffed, the bandage displaced, the head advanced.
doff: 脱下;移去


'Eagerness of a listener!' repeated she: 'yes; Mr. Rochester has sat by the hour, his ear inclined to the fascinating lips that took such delight in their task of communicating; and Mr. Rochester was so willing to receive and looked so grateful for the pastime given him; you have noticed this?'
'Grateful! I cannot remember detecting gratitude in his face.'
'Detecting! You have analysed, then. And what did you detect, if not gratitude?'
I said nothing.
'You have seen love: have you not?- and, looking forward, you have seen him married, and beheld his bride happy?'
'Humph! Not exactly. Your witch's skill is rather at fault sometimes.'
'What the devil have you seen, then?'
'Never mind: I came here to inquire, not to confess. Is it known that Mr. Rochester is to be married?'
'Yes; and to the beautiful Miss Ingram.'
'Appearances would warrant that conclusion: and, no doubt (though, with an audacity that wants chastising out of you, you seem to question it), they will be a superlatively happy pair. He must love such a handsome, noble, witty, accomplished lady; and probably she loves him, or, if not his person, at least his purse. I know she considers the Rochester estate eligible to the last degree; though (God pardon me!) I told her something on that point about an hour ago which made her look wondrous grave: the corners of her mouth fell half an inch. I would advise her blackavised suitor to look out: if another comes, with a longer or clearer rent-roll,- he's dished-'
audacity: 大胆, 厚颜have the audacity to (do)竟然敢(做)...
chastise: 严惩, 惩罚
superlatively: 最高地, 无上地
to the last degree: 极度
blackavised: [古]脸黝黑的
suitor: 求婚者
dished: [美俚]完蛋了的, 受挫折的

'But, mother, I did not come to hear Mr. Rochester's fortune: I came to hear my own; and you have told me nothing of it.'
'Your fortune is yet doubtful: when I examined your face, one trait contradicted another. Chance has meted you a measure of happiness: that I know. I knew it before I came here this evening. She has laid it carefully on one side for you. I saw her do it. It depends on yourself to stretch out your hand, and take it up: but whether you will do so, is the problem I study. Kneel again on the rug.'
'Don't keep me long; the fire scorches me.'
I knelt. She did not stoop towards me, but only gazed, leaning back in her chair. She began muttering,-
mete: 给予


'Don't be alarmed,' continued the strange being; 'she's a safe hand is Mrs. Poole: close and quiet; any one may repose confidence in her. But, as I was saying: sitting in that window-seat, do you think of nothing but your future school? Have you no present interest in any of the company who occupy the sofas and chairs before you? Is there not one face you study? one figure whose movements you follow with at least curiosity?'
repose confidence in: 信任[赖]某人某事

'I like to observe all the faces and all the figures.'
'But do you never single one from the rest-or it may be, two?'
'I do frequently; when the gestures or looks of a pair seem telling a tale: it amuses me to watch them.'
'What tale do you like best to hear?'
'Oh, I have not much choice! They generally run on the same theme- courtship; and promise to end in the same catastrophe- marriage.'
'And do you like that monotonous theme?'
'Positively, I don't care about it: it is nothing to me.'
'Nothing to you? When a lady, young and full of life and health, charming with beauty and endowed with the gifts of rank and fortune, sits and smiles in the eyes of a gentleman you-'
'I what?'
'You know- and perhaps think well of.'
think well of: 对...有好感

'I don't know the gentlemen here. I have scarcely interchanged a syllable with one of them; and as to thinking well of them, I consider some respectable, and stately, and middle-aged, and others young, dashing, handsome, and lively: but certainly they are all at liberty to be the recipients of whose smiles they please, without my feeling disposed to consider the transaction of any moment to me.'
'You don't know the gentlemen here? You have not exchanged a syllable with one of them? Will you say that of the master of the house!'
'He is not at home.'
'A profound remark! A most ingenious quibble! He went to Millcote this morning, and will be back here to-night or to-morrow: does that circumstance exclude him from the list of your acquaintance- blot him, as it were, out of existence?'
quibble: 双关语, 遁辞

'No; but I can scarcely see what Mr. Rochester has to do with the theme you had introduced.'
'I was talking of ladies smiling in the eyes of gentlemen; and of late so many smiles have been shed into Mr. Rochester's eyes that they overflow like two cups filled above the brim: have you never remarked that?'
of late: 最近

'Mr. Rochester has a right to enjoy the society of his guests.'
'No question about his right: but have you never observed that, of all the tales told here about matrimony, Mr. Rochester has been favoured with the most lively and the most continuous?'
'The eagerness of a listener quickens the tongue of a narrator.' I said this rather to myself than to the gipsy, whose strange talk, voice, manner, had by this time wrapped me in a kind of dream. One unexpected sentence came from her lips after another, till I got involved in a web of mystification; and wondered what unseen spirit had been sitting for weeks by my heart watching its workings and taking record of every pulse.


'Prove it,' I rejoined.
'I will, in few words. You are cold, because you are alone: no contact strikes the fire from you that is in you. You are sick; because the best of feelings, the highest and the sweetest given to man, keeps far away from you. You are silly, because, suffer as you may, you will not beckon it to approach, nor will you stir one step to meet it where it waits you.'
She again put her short black pipe to her lips, and renewed her smoking with vigour.
'You might say all that to almost any one who you knew lived as a solitary dependant in a great house.'
'I might say it to almost any one: but would it be true of almost any one?'
'In my circumstances.'
'Yes; just so, in your circumstances: but find me another precisely placed as you are.'
'It would be easy to find you thousands.'
'You could scarcely find me one. If you knew it, you are peculiarly situated: very near happiness; yes, within reach of it. The materials are all prepared; there only wants a movement to combine them. Chance laid them somewhat apart; let them be once approached and bliss results.'
'I don't understand enigmas. I never could guess a riddle in my life.'
enigma: 谜语

'If you wish me to speak more plainly, show me your palm.'
'And I must cross it with silver, I suppose?'
'To be sure.'
I gave her a shilling: she put it into an old stocking-foot which she took out of her pocket, and having tied it round and returned it, she told me to hold out my hand. I did. She approached her face to the palm, and pored over it without touching it.
pore over: 注视, 凝视

'It is too fine,' said she. 'I can make nothing of such a hand as that; almost without lines: besides, what is in a palm? Destiny is not written there.'
'I believe you,' said I.
'No,' she continued, 'it is in the face: on the forehead, about the eyes, in the eyes themselves, in the lines of the mouth. Kneel, and lift up your head.'
'Ah! now you are coming to reality,' I said, as I obeyed her. 'I shall begin to put some faith in you presently.'
I knelt within half a yard of her. She stirred the fire, so that a ripple of light broke from the disturbed coal: the glare, however, as she sat, only threw her face into deeper shadow: mine, it illumined.
'I wonder with what feelings you came to me to-night,' she said, when she had examined me a while. 'I wonder what thoughts are busy in your heart during all the hours you sit in yonder room with the fine people flitting before you like shapes in a magic-lantern: just as little sympathetic communion passing between you and them as if they were really mere shadows of human forms, and not the actual substance.'
flit: 掠过
magic lantern: 幻灯, 早期放映机

'I feel tired often, sleepy sometimes, but seldom sad.'
'Then you have some secret hope to buoy you up and please you with whispers of the future?'
'Not I. The utmost I hope is, to save money enough out of my earnings to set up a school some day in a little house rented by myself.'
buoy up: 支持, 振作, 鼓舞

'A mean nutriment for the spirit to exist on: and sitting in that window-seat (you see I know your habits)-'
'You have learned them from the servants.'
'Ah! you think yourself sharp. Well, perhaps I have: to speak truth, I have an acquaintance with one of them, Mrs. Poole-'
I started to my feet when I heard the name.
'You have- have you?' thought I; 'there is diablerie in the business after all, then!'
diablerie: 魔鬼行为, 妖术


Chapter 19

THE library looked tranquil enough as I entered it, and the Sibyl- if Sibyl she were- was seated snugly enough in an easy-chair at the chimney-corner. She had on a red cloak and a black bonnet: or rather, a broad-brimmed gipsy hat, tied down with a striped handkerchief under her chin. An extinguished candle stood on the table; she was bending over the fire, and seemed reading in a little black book, like a prayer-book, by the light of the blaze: she muttered the words to herself, as most old women do, while she read; she did not desist immediately on my entrance: it appeared she wished to finish a paragraph.
snugly: 舒舒服服地
desist: 终止

I stood on the rug and warmed my hands, which were rather cold with sitting at a distance from the drawing-room fire. I felt now as composed as ever I did in my life: there was nothing indeed in the gipsy's appearance to trouble one's calm. She shut her book and slowly looked up; her hat-brim partially shaded her face, yet I could see, as she raised it, that it was a strange one. It looked all brown and black: elf-locks bristled out from beneath a white band which passed under her chin, and came half over her cheeks, or rather jaws: her eye confronted me at once, with a bold and direct gaze.
elflocks: 鬈结的头发

'Well, and you want your fortune told?' she said, in a voice as decided as her glance, as harsh as her features.
'I don't care about it, mother; you may please yourself: but I ought to warn you, I have no faith.'
'It's like your impudence to say so: I expected it of you; I heard it in your step as you crossed the threshold.'
'Did you? You've a quick ear.'
'I have; and a quick eye and a quick brain.'
'You need them all in your trade.'
'I do; especially when I've customers like you to deal with. Why don't you tremble?'
'I'm not cold.'
'Why don't you turn pale?'
'I am not sick.'
'Why don't you consult my art?'
'I'm not silly.'
The old crone 'nichered' a laugh under her bonnet and bandage; she then drew out a short black pipe, and lighting it, began to smoke. Having indulged a while in this sedative, she raised her bent body, took the pipe from her lips, and while gazing steadily at the fire, said very deliberately-
'You are cold; you are sick; and you are silly.'
crone: 干瘪老丑婆


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Miss Ingram took a book, leant back in her chair, and so declined further conversation. I watched her for nearly half an hour: during all that time she never turned a page, and her face grew momently darker, more dissatisfied, and more sourly expressive of disappointment. She had obviously not heard anything to her advantage: and it seemed to me, from her prolonged fit of gloom and taciturnity, that she herself, notwithstanding her professed indifference, attached undue importance to whatever revelations had been made her.
sourly: 性情乖僻地, 酸酸地, 坏心眼地
taciturnity: 沉默寡言
professed: 表面上的, 自称的

Meantime, Mary Ingram, Amy and Louisa Eshton, declared they dared not go alone; and yet they all wished to go. A negotiation was opened through the medium of the ambassador, Sam; and after much pacing to and fro, till, I think, the said Sam's calves must have ached with the exercise, permission was at last, with great difficulty, extorted from the rigorous Sibyl, for the three to wait upon her in a body.
extort: 强取
sibyl: 女巫, 女算命师

Their visit was not so still as Miss Ingram's had been: we heard hysterical giggling and little shrieks proceeding from the library; and at the end of about twenty minutes they burst the door open, and came running across the hall, as if they were half-scared out of their wits.
'I am sure she is something not right!' they cried, one and all. 'She told us such things! She knows all about us!' and they sank breathless into the various seats the gentlemen hastened to bring them.
Pressed for further explanation, they declared she had told them of things they had said and done when they were mere children; described books and ornaments they had in their boudoirs at home: keepsakes that different relations had presented to them. They affirmed that she had even divined their thoughts, and had whispered in the ear of each the name of the person she liked best in the world, and informed them of what they most wished for.
Here the gentlemen interposed with earnest petitions to be further enlightened on these two last-named points; but they got only blushes, ejaculations, tremors, and titters, in return for their importunity. The matrons, meantime, offered vinaigrettes and wielded fans; and again and again reiterated the expression of their concern that their warning had not been taken in time; and the elder gentlemen laughed, and the younger urged their services on the agitated fair ones.
interpose: 插话
importunity: 硬要, 强求
vinaigrette: (提神的)香醋盒[瓶]; (香料)嗅瓶

In the midst of the tumult, and while my eyes and ears were fully engaged in the scene before me, I heard a hem close at my elbow: I turned, and saw Sam.
'If you please, miss, the gipsy declares that there is another young single lady in the room who has not been to her yet, and she swears she will not go till she has seen all. I thought it must be you: there is no one else for it. What shall I tell her?'
'Oh, I will go by all means,' I answered: and I was glad of the unexpected opportunity to gratify my much-excited curiosity. I slipped out of the room, unobserved by any eye- for the company were gathered in one mass about the trembling trio just returned- and I closed the door quietly behind me.
'If you like, miss,' said Sam, 'I'll wait in the hall for you; and if she frightens you, just call and I'll come in.'
'No, Sam, return to the kitchen: I am not in the least afraid.' Nor was I; but I was a good deal interested and excited.


Again Sam vanished; and mystery, animation, expectation rose to full flow once more.
'She's ready now,' said the footman, as he reappeared.
'She wishes to know who will be her first visitor.'
'I think I had better just look in upon her before any of the ladies go,' said Colonel Dent.
'Tell her, Sam, a gentleman is coming.'
Sam went and returned.
'She says, sir, that she'll have no gentlemen; they need not trouble themselves to come near her; nor,' he added, with difficulty suppressing a titter, 'any ladies either, except the young and single.'
titter: 窃窃傻笑

'By Jove, she has taste!' exclaimed Henry Lynn.
Miss Ingram rose solemnly: 'I go first,' she said, in a tone which might have befitted the leader of a forlorn hope, mounting a breach in the van of his men.
forlorn hope: 敢死队,希望甚微孤注一掷的事业
in the van of: 站在...的前列

'Oh, my best! oh, my dearest! pause- reflect!' was her mama's cry; but she swept past her in stately silence, passed through the door which Colonel Dent held open, and we heard her enter the library.
A comparative silence ensued. Lady Ingram thought it 'le cas' to wring her hands: which she did accordingly. Miss Mary declared she felt, for her part, she never dared venture. Amy and Louisa Eshton tittered under their breath, and looked a little frightened.
The minutes passed very slowly: fifteen were counted before the library-door again opened. Miss Ingram returned to us through the arch.
Would she laugh? Would she take it as a joke? All eyes met her with a glance of eager curiosity, and she met all eyes with one of rebuff and coldness; she looked neither flurried nor merry: she walked stiffly to her seat, and took it in silence.
flurried: 不安的,迷惑的

'Well, Blanche?' said Lord Ingram.
'What did she say, sister?' asked Mary.
'What did you think? How do you feel? Is she a real fortune-teller?' demanded the Misses Eshton.
'Now, now, good people,' returned Miss Ingram, 'don't press upon me. Really your organs of wonder and credulity are easily excited: you seem, by the importance you all- my good mama included- ascribe to this matter, absolutely to believe we have a genuine witch in the house, who is in close alliance with the old gentleman. I have seen a gipsy vagabond; she has practised in hackneyed fashion the science of palmistry and told me what such people usually tell. My whim is gratified; and now I think Mr. Eshton will do well to put the hag in the stocks to-morrow morning, as he threatened.'
credulity: 易信, 轻信
Old gentleman: 恶魔,魔王
vagabond: 流浪者
hackneyed: 不新奇的, 陈腐的, 常见的
palmistry: 相手术
hag: 女巫


'I cannot possibly countenance any such inconsistent proceeding,' chimed in the Dowager Ingram.
'Indeed, mama, but you can- and will,' pronounced the haughty voice of Blanche, as she turned round on the piano-stool; where till now she had sat silent, apparently examining sundry sheets of music. 'I have a curiosity to hear my fortune told: therefore, Sam, order the beldame forward.'
countenance: 支持
inconsistent: 不协调的
beldame: 恶婆

'My darling Blanche! recollect-'
'I do- I recollect all you can suggest; and I must have my will- quick, Sam!'
'Yes- yes- yes!' cried all the juveniles, both ladies and gentlemen. 'Let her come- it will be excellent sport!'
The footman still lingered. 'She looks such a rough one,' said he.
'Go!' ejaculated Miss Ingram, and the man went.
ejaculate: 突然喊出:突然激动地说出;喊出

Excitement instantly seized the whole party: a running fire of raillery and jests was proceeding when Sam returned.
'She won't come now,' said he. 'She says it's not her mission to appear before the "vulgar herd" (them's her words). I must show her into a room by herself, and then those who wish to consult her must go to her one by one.'
a running fire: 连发
raillery: 打趣,取笑
vulgar: 粗俗的, 庸俗的, 普通的

'You see now, my queenly Blanche,' began Lady Ingram, 'she encroaches. Be advised, my angel girl- and-'
encroach: (逐步或暗中)侵占, 蚕食, 超出通常(或正常)界线

'Show her into the library, of course,' cut in the 'angel girl,' 'It is not my mission to listen to her before the vulgar herd either: I mean to have her all to myself. Is there a fire in the library?'
'Yes, ma'am- but she looks such a tinkler.'
'Cease that chatter, blockhead! and do my bidding.'
blockhead: 笨蛋, 傻子
do sb.'s bidding: 照某人命令办事


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