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标题: BBC英语新闻2015.12.09 [打印本页]

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____________________________________________________________ Elsewhere, a Palestinian woman tried to stab a security guard who then shot her. World news from the BBC. The authorities in Egypt have arrested a prominent investigative journalist inhuman rights advocate over an article he published online about the trial of army offices convicted of plotting a coup. Hossam Bahgat told his lawyer he maybe charged with publishing inaccurate and false information that harms national interests. __________________________________________________________另一地方的一巴基斯坦女子试图行刺一安保人员,随后遭到该安保人员射击.BBC世界新闻. 埃及政府逮捕了一名著名调查记者,他在网络上发表的一篇关于政变军官受审的文章中倡导人权.胡森`巴赫贾特告诉他的律师,他很可能因发布损害国家利益的不实和错误的消息而遭到起诉.


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There's been more violence in the occupied west bank. A Palestinian man drove a car into a bus stop ,wounding four Israelis. The driver was shot dead by the security force.

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