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标题: BBC英语新闻2016.03.15 [打印本页]

作者: Rebecca949    时间: 2016-3-17 09:32     标题: BBC英语新闻2016.03.15


Israel is to make public previously-unreleased documents relating to the executed Nazi war criminal, Adolf Eichmann. The papers include a plea for clemency, in which it argues that his role in organising the mass extermination of Jews was exaggerated. The documents will be presented at a ceremony to mark International Holocaust Memorial Day. Olivia Marks-Woldman is from the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust."The Holocaust has been described as it is an event that shook the foundations of civilisation. I think that is a very powerful phrase. The fact that it happened threatened who we are as civilised human beings living together in a society. So in an obvious itself, it is worthy of remembrance that six million Jewish people were annihilated." _______________________________________________. World news from the BBC. 以色列将公布此前未曾对外披露的有关纳粹战争罪犯阿道夫?艾希曼的相关文件.这其中包含了一份宽刑请求,这份请求申辩称其在组织大规模屠杀犹太人行动中的作用被夸大.这份文件将在国际大屠杀纪念日的一场的典礼上展出.来自大屠杀纪念日信托基金的奥利维?亚马克思-伍德曼说道:"大屠杀被描述为一场震动人类文明基础的事件.我认为这是一个很有力量的表达方式.事实上,这个事件威胁到了我们作为文明的人类能够共同生存于同一个社会的概念.所以很显然,这场600万犹太民众被屠杀的浩劫值得被人们铭记." ___________________________________. 这是BBC带来的国际新闻.


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Emperor Akihito of Japan has began a trip to the Philippines with a statement on war guilt, saying that his nation must remember the tremendous loss of life suffered by the Philippines during the Second World War. The Emperor is due to visit a cemetery for tens of thousands of Philippinos.

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